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    Jan 29th, 2008 at 11:39:31     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

    The game starts with the hero of the game, which not surprisingly is yourself, re enters his home town after his mother has been murdered. The hero (Carl Johnson or CJ), who was an ex-gangster, finds himself trapped in his home town and should get back to the old ways to save himself and to investigate the persons responsible for his mothers death. The game continues as a set of missions, which range from very simple to very hard and some times frustrating as well.

    The main draw back with the game is it is very long and one may get really frustrated and fedup at a particular state. The other drawbacks include making the game character eat at regular intervals of time and making him workout in gyms, etc, to make the player healthy at all times in the game. Ofcourse one could use cheat codes for this part of the game. The other drawback is if the player gets killed in between the missions then he may end up a long way away from the mission target. Previous version vicecity used public transportation means which transports the user to the destination by charging him some money. How ever with out this sort of game options the game could be very frustrating for difficult missions.

    Characters in the game are introduces as the game progresses, either as an introduction to a mission a player is about to take or as a part of the mission itself. The game starts off with the introduction of the Hero(CJ), his brother(Sweet) and his sister and two coorrupted cops.

    The story goes smoothly, although becomes boresome after a certain amount of time, because it is too lenghty. The story line is a set of pre prepared animatons in which characters communicate. Once the animation is played the player is given a mission either to kill some one, rob some body or save some one.

    The game has very rich graphics and customizable video and audio properties. The game contains various car and bike models, mostly imitations of the vehicles in real life. The game presents some real time fantasies of the player on the screen, like driving various cars, flying a plane, fighting lots of people. The storyline is like a sort of melodramatic movie. The only thing bad about the game is the content. You might be embarrassed playing it in front of your parents. You won't suggest this game to young kids. These games are designed keeping 16-35 year olds in mind.

    As said before there are no levels in the game, but a set of missions. You can save your game after you have completed a mission. But you cannot save game in between missions. Some missions are more interesting than others. One of my favourite mission is when the CJ(player) chases a set of gang members who are going in a train, while CJ's accomplice who sits behind CJ on a bike tries to shoot the gang members.

    I would definitely make the storyline more suitable for play at home. I would change the content. I really like the way the story goes, like watching an interesting movie. Apart from that I would make the story line shorter. This way a player gets the satisfaction that he completed the game.

    GTA is a game which has a map associated with it which is the map of the city the player lives in. The game has different camera modes, different physical interactions with various materials on screen, etc. I am programming a game myself, and I like the way CJ or other characters interacts with various materials on screen. The complexity of the game is easily seen with the length of the map and set of objects viewable on the screen, various character models, etc.

    More than the rewards of the game which includes money or other things you would like some missions better than others. You may want to play the same level again and again. Apart from that, some time in beginning you would like to complete the game, but I got really down after some time and finally uninstalled the game before completing it.

    The game is a single player game which comes on platforms PC and Play stations and interaction techniques which include joy sticks, key board, mouse, etc. The GTA-Vice city was real addictive while the SanAndreas version is a disappointment to the users.

    In comclusion GTA - San andreas is a real good effort done by the rock star team, except it was not as good as GTA-Vice City.

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