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    Feb 4th, 2008 at 03:36:12     -    Super Smash Brothers (N64)

    Game Log #2
    Game Play:
    A good start for the series, the game play with smash is always fun and quickly frustrating due to imbalance. My characters are Link and Ness. Link's boomerang and bombs are the best ranged by so far one could argue that they are the only one you should bother using except for Fox's laser. Link is also the only sword wielder class (twilight princess model i believe) and his sword is very powerful. Smash+A on the ground has punch in the same league as Falcon Punch, Up+B is so broken see other log, and jumping and spiking your sword up (air Up+A) is surprisingly powerful and usually KO's due to its use in the air closer to the top horizon.
    Ness is the only character with a way to heal damage (down+B) and though it is really bad (timing delay, i hate hearing the sound and taking damage and knock back PLUS a stun from my move) and wasn't even appropriatly buffed in Melee. That having been said I believe this to be a good choice as a single hero/class as the only option for a skill is pushing the envelope too much and bordering on a single hero/class dominated game (boring, welcome to rock-paper-scissors with game controllers). Healing aside, Ness's smash+A (Homerun Bat) is incredibly powerful and seems to juke humans (animation lag?). The other A moves i really only use to combo or feint at opponents as they are weak (and got buffed in melee, its too depressing). See other log for Up+B glitch/OP. In addition the PK thunder (Up+B... C Stick control) i don't even consider 'ranged' in any conventional sense as you control it, making you vulnerable while controlling the PK Thunder, but allows for massive damage over time, especially if left unhindered. B is PK Fire, learn timing and your disable from using, hit them with one and combo.

    NOTE: Single Player is not here for a reason. You use it to unlock characters and options.

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    Feb 4th, 2008 at 02:38:07     -    Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    Gameplay: This game is incredible fun and unrealistic from a gameplay perspective. However is is unrealistically unbalanced favoring Link, making the game entertaining for the player and still providing total play time that way unrivaled and today is still impressive. I have beaten the Deku tree level with only Deku sticks (time waste would not reccomend), except the boss. The Kokiri sword and your shield are more than enough for the basic enemies found in the Deku tree. The deku sticks used to light torches (solve puzzle, open door) was to me simple and effective, while also introducing the puzzle aspect to the player. The lack of a jump button is the most frustrating element of the game at large and in the Deku tree you confront it with the leap down to break the spider webs on the dungeon floor. The simply fact that spamming your sword will, in my experience (g3t b3tt3r SPAMZ LOLZ), always work. Combine with the fact that the shield is invulnerable when used properly and its a simply click-instant shield (I believe it actually sheilds you before the graphics resolve and show link kneeling/standing with shield), and all the tools are there for Link to dominate the first dungeon.

    Aside: IMO: deku nuts=teh suckz

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