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    Feb 7th, 2008 at 02:41:35     -    Endless Ocean (Wii)


    You start the game by customizing your own character. This character is a researcher on a vessel called the Gabiano, located in the fictional tropical waters of Monoa Lai. On deck is your shipmate and guide, Katherine Sunday, a fellow scientist and fish enthusiast. Your goal throughout the game is to complete tasks authorized by various endorsers of your research. Along the way, you will discover uncharted waters, fascinating sea life and even treasure.


    The game was designed to very closely simulate the animals and environments of the ocean. As a marine biology major, I can appreciate the attention to detail. The graphics are sharp, colorful and stunning. As you play, time slowly passes from day to night so the lighting changes subtly as the game progresses. The mood of the game tends to shift from cheerful, exciting, alluring, adventurous and peaceful. The music is fairly typical and reminiscent of Final Fantasy games. However, there are songs featuring the artist Hayley Westenra who has a very elegant and angelic voice that enhances the mood of the game. One of the cooler features is that you are able to load songs from an SD card to be played on the game. The game also has Wi-Fi capability and will allow you to connect with other vessels in the Endless Ocean.


    Gameplay is very simple. Using a cursor on the screen, you navigate your dive by motioning the Wii-mote accordingly. Other commands are instructed to you by Katherine on your dive and if you ever forget, she posts helpful reminders on the bulletin board on the deck of the Gabiano. Making fish friends via petting and food is essential to building your encyclopedia and reputation. Although the game never stresses urgency in completing research tasks, it is worth it to do them as each one rewards you with something new and different (like diving equipment). You'll also get to interact with Katherine every now and again which can be very amusing (she says weird stuff sometimes). Finding treasure on your dives is a fun way to and unlock cool secrets in the game. Overall, this Endless Ocean is user friendly and very appealing to animal enthusiasts and kids.

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