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    Feb 18th, 2008 at 10:10:06     -    Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn (PC)

    So I've started playing this game for the sixth or seventh time now, I lost count. And I'm still not bored of it! It's like a movie, or a book you love so much you can watch a million times, but with the difference that each time you play this, the story can change little bits. Or it can change a lot.

    Since this is the first log I'm doing, I should say the PLOT OF THE GAME is the following: the god of murder Bhaal died, but before doing so, he left many children spread through the realms, which have a hidden power in them because of this. One of them will take his place later. Some of them know they are one of the children, others don't. You're one of them (naturally). In the first game, your brother Sarevok wants to become the next god of murder, by killing all the rest of the children of Bhaal, which includes you. So you've to fight him.
    On the second game, you're kidnapped by a crazy mage who wants to steal your partly-divine and powerful soul. On the expansion pack, the children are being slaughtered by everyone because people fear them. You get the chance to become the next god of murder... or not.

    I usually play the same way always: good party of six people, my character is a cleric (I've tried paladin and thief also, not liked them so much), and the NPCs around vary. So far I don't think I've had an NPC repeated every time I've played. But there are still NPC's I haven't played with (evil ones... I will have to play an evil party sometime).

    There IS a reason why I haven't played an evil character yet. Around Baldur's Gate there's a whole community of people developing Mods for the three parts of the game, and I've been particularly attracted to the romance NPC's options (what can I say, I'm a girl).

    Most of these mods will romance only good human, elf or half elf females, so well, there's not much choice if I want to try the mods (developers! get creative and do some evil one sometime, heh).

    Now I'm playing one that's apparently old, but I found it only recently. It's about Kivan, an original NPC in Baldur's Gate 1 that didn't appear in BG2, so people who liked him decided to bring him back and make him romanceable. Or not. If not, then you get a different story and quests also, which sounds promising. So now I'm going to try the first path and maybe later I'll attempt the second.

    Surprisingly, I haven't been able to find much spoilers around, so so far everything has been a surprise. Since I didn't play BG1 (I learned the game existed like a year after BG2 appeared in the market), I read a little bit about the character on wikipedia, so to know what was his past relation with my character.

    So far it's going good. I've gathered my party through the city of Amn, and completed some easy quests. I've a list of hard quests written down now on my journal to complete.

    Since I've played the game so many times, I know it by heart and I can go fast through the boring parts to the more interesting and fun ones. It still will take me a while to complete this (sigh).

    This entry has been edited 1 time. It was last edited on Feb 20th, 2008 at 13:27:26.

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