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    May 8th, 2008 at 14:27:03     -    Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

    After a week of playing GTA IV I am only more impressed with the game. Rather than talking about the visuals, or physics, I will talk about the extremely complex decision tree in the game. While you are presented with decisions at the beginning of the game, they are nowhere near as important as some of the later ones. I did not realize how different the single player game could be depending on the decisions the player made. At one point in the game, two separate characters ask Niko to kill the other one. I chose one, and recieved an unexpected surprise. I chose this one because I thought most people would choose the other. As a result of that decision though, things become available to you that never would have. The game progresses more and Niko has more options as to whether to kill certain targets he is asked to. I mixed it up but essentially, my game is going down one of many possible paths, and as I play more I am excited to see where things end up.

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    May 1st, 2008 at 15:14:52     -    Grand Theft Auto IV (360)

    Grand Theft Auto IV has been one of the most anticipated games of all time. It is predicted to outsell any game ever produced.
    My experience with GTA 4 started shortly after midnight on April 29th. The next day I played for 7 hours straight and am still completely stunned by the game. Easily the best game for the 360 so far, GTA allows freedom that no other game can. The first new things that I noticed was the player, Niko Bellic. He does not simply stand there like most characters, but appears real and alive, and reacts constantly to his environment. There must have been millions of lines of coding just going into the Niko character. The first time I stole a car, I was surprised to see the owner hanging onto the swinging door as I drove away. I swerved into a light pole and was free of my pursuer. The movement of the car, the guy hanging on, and the environment was all perfect. The driving physics have been totally revamped, and allows for infinite crash possibilites. There is too much to this game to cover in one entry, so I will add another soon.

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