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    Jun 11th, 2008 at 21:59:49     -    Assassins Creed (PS3)

    Sort of differnt than any other I've played. I like how you can climb up anything and explore multiple enormous cities. The story was very interesting, but took some weird turns and was kinda short. The fighting was really fun. The counter moves looks really cool. It seemed like a movie to me in many ways. When Altair counters an attacker the perspective shifts into a different view when then he kills the guy. I also like it how he kills his opponents in many different ways depending on exactly when you press X.

    I think this game introduced somewhat of a next-generation aspect to games. The whole concept of accessing someones genetics is very interesting. Also you have almost complete access to huge cities and can interect with hundreds, if not thousands of people. There is also no loading screen as many think of it. You can control Altair in a foggy room with illegible number and symbols floatin around. Cool game

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    Jun 11th, 2008 at 21:46:05     -    WWF No Mercy (N64)

    I played this game consistently for at least two years. I would consider myself an aficionado of wrestling games, having played everyone for nintendo 64 and many for other systems, and I can say with no doubt that No Mercy is the best. I think the N64 controller is the perfect controller, especially for wrestling games. This game had amazing graphics for its time. As well as almost limitless options. I remember being stunned when I realized the scope of the game. They have hundreds of wrestlers, all real and unique. They were the first to also include a Legends section. Wrestlers such as Andre the Giant were featured. If you desired, you could modify them in many ways. The game includes a HUGE selection of clothes and accessories for the players to utilize. In addition to that you could create a player. In my opinion, no game even today has come close to matching No Mercy's create a wrestler option. I could write a book on all the options you could mess around with such as: clothes, skin tone, facial hair, regular hair, tattoos, accessories, protective gear, entrance moves, music, fireworks, lighting, etc............

    You could also edit all of the players moves to your liking. They have an ENORMOUS move database built into this game, for every possible kind of move. Running into the ropes, standing, running, on the ground in various positions, on a turnbuckle, outside of the ring, wounded, or in a special mode. The options are limitless.

    One of my other favorite aspects was a secret part built into the creation mode. They included many items of wrestlers they did not build so that you could do it. For example, my favorite wrestler, Vader, wore a distinctive red and black mask. They had that mask in the game so that you could create Vader if you want. Also, Dude Love wore a tie die shirt with a smiley face on it. They had that programmed in as well. I created many new characters, each of which you could have four preset clothing and appearance options available at any time.

    I also loved the story mode. You had to fight your way to win the belts. Different things would happen depending not only on the result of your matches, but your relationships with other wrestlers backstage. You could compete for heavyweight, light-heavy, intercontinental, tag-team, hardcore, or womens belt.

    This game was the first of the wrestling games to include so many options and make it so realistic. After this game, there were many terribly pathetic attempts to make a better game, but I'm afraid it's not possible. Before No Mercy, games like WCW Nitro were accepted, even though it really is a piece of shit. After No Mercy, games like Backlash were made. They have somewhat better graphics, but the controls are absolutely terrible. Also, SOOO many of the options were left out. This game is soooo much fun to play. There are many different game types- 1v1, 2v2, handicap (2v1), royal rumble (WITH UP TO 100 PEOPLE), and cage matches! Whether you just wanna kick some butt or became the champion of the world (womens and mens) this game has it ALL.

    This game is AWESOME!!! I really recommend it to anyone who has an N64 or who even has a slight interest in wrestling, fighting, action, or any kind of game. Basically, I think everyone should play this game.

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    Jun 11th, 2008 at 21:13:24     -    Red Lynx Trials (PC)

    This is one of the many dirt bike games I've played and I think it's one of the better ones. The controls for this type of game are all relatively the same so it just depends how those controls affect the player. In some games they are way too drastic and in others they barely affect the player. I find that this game both incorporates a good control system and a good simulated sense of gravity. The levels are also fun and offer a good range of obstacles. One of my favorite things about this game is the sound the bike makes when you accelerate. It's not annoying like many of the other games of this genre and is fairly realistic. It doesn't have that many levels but I've played those levels many, many times and I still enjoy them. Good game overall

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    May 22nd, 2008 at 13:57:11     -    GTA 4 (360)

    Well, it might be the best game of all time. It's definitely one of the most advanced games, with innumerable different ways to play, it seems like people might never stop playing it. Completing missions, killing people, driving, changing your clothes, racing, flying, or fleeing from the cops in a speed boat there is always fun to be had. What i think is so incredible about this game is that there's just so much to do. Even if you don't feel like following the enthralling and exciting story, you can just drive around and do whatever you want. It's like real life without any bad consequences. Although, one could argue that the impact on your character is enough to not behave certain ways. I'm also quite amused that it is difficult to drink and walk, much more so to drink and drive. Stuff like that really adds to the realism of the game. Some poeple might say that drinking and driving in a videogame would lead to people wanting to do it in real life. But it's hard! and you get the heat on you. So it's obviously not a good idea. Of course, you can always get out of the car and shoot as many cops as you can before you die. Unless you kill them all and hide until they forget about you. You could take it a little further and get in an attack chopper. Something like that can kill alot of people.

    On the contrary, I don't really think it's fair to say it's "killing people". They are simply colored shapes on a tv screen. No matter what some idiotic radicals might claim, it's not training to kill people or even practicing unless you are holding a real gun and shooting real bullets at a target.

    Anyways... the game is amazing. I love the way they programmed driving and all the cars. And the huge map with almost infinite things to do on it. But if somehow you can get bored with all of that, there's one of the most amazing online capabilities i've ever seen in a game. Lots of options, gametypes, and of course tons of people to always play with.

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