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    Jun 11th, 2008 at 17:22:10     -    GTA 4 (360)

    One of the best and most entertaining games I have played. My buddy and I played for hours at a time. Always been a fan of the GTA series and this game did not disappoint and lived up to all of its expectations. I do like the graphics more in this game. Also, a lot more real and not as choppy.

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    Jun 11th, 2008 at 17:18:03     -    Madden 2008 (360)

    Biggest fan of madden since I was a child. However, I do prefer the Ps2 version compared to the xbox 360 because the game is totally different here. My brother and I continue to play this game for hours at a time. I always choose the ebars and he always chooses the Patriots which is the best team in the game. I am a die hard bears fan and that is why I choose them every time I play the game. Game play is smooth but graphics are a bit weird. Players look like box shaped people which I do not like particularly.

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    Jun 11th, 2008 at 17:15:32     -    Halo 3 (360)

    May 15, 2008

    My brother recently purchased an XBOX 360 and the first game he bought was Halo 3. It is the only game I have been playing for the last couple weeks. I do like the graphics, but still am getting accustomed to the controls. I feel like a newcomer and feel a lot worse than my competition. I want to get better as time goes on and hopefully increase my rank by doing so.

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    May 28th, 2008 at 21:35:57     -    NBA 2K8 (PS3)

    April 5th, 2008

    Very addicting game. i love the game of basketball, and this is the most realistic version of a basketball game that i have ever played. Beat my friend 3 games in a row with the houston rockets. Figured out that they are my team when playing the game.

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