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    Nov 5th, 2008 at 16:02:05     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Man. Every minute of cutscene I go through... it's just more proof to me that the way things are currently set up they need to be changed. This game is morally wrong in no way by presenting what happened in an interactive way, and doesn't leave out the details of why.

    It tells a story. A sad story about how kids weren't accepted, and how our society failed at its own morals by not accepting them. To paraphrase a quote from the game "I used to sit at lunch alone, wondering if anyone would notice me." And there's no worse feeling than feeling like you, with your minuscule, insignificant life as one of six and a half billion... don't even matter to one other.

    Having said that, the importance of this game's lesson is to let things go. Don't take everything personal, and just make it through. It will get better. That's what needs to be focused on for our society to remain moral in the face of the growing threat to our morality. There is no need to wish the end of the world upon any of us or all of us, just make it through to the best thing you can get to.

    This game portrays kids who have seen people preach one thing yet carry out the opposite. Preaching about being a good person, and the whole time ordering people around. That's not moral. Morality is leading by example, not order...

    ...of course it doesn't help so much when the example's bad to begin with. Which these two... really set a bad example for future generations.

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    Nov 5th, 2008 at 02:02:26     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Eck... man, I dunno if I'm cut out for finishing this game. RPGs are always quite fun for me, but the thing is... most of them involve magical spells or some sort of nonlethal attack that results in the foe "fainting" so that they can be brought back... but not this.

    I may hate the jock crowd as much as the next nerd, and loathe the stereotypes that most kids in high school grow into... but murder... too far.

    But the question... how is it different than murdering someone for something in Grand Theft Auto? After all, SCMRPG is highly retro-graphics, with pixels everywhere for the point of looking like an old RPG game from the SNES or Genesis, while GTA prides itself on being 3D and including blood gushing from victims as you pick them off. But the difference... while killing in GTA is just killing random, computer-generated nobodies, killing in this is killing representations of ACTUAL PEOPLE who died because these two were pushed too far.

    Is it morally wrong to play the game though? No more morally wrong than to portray the killers in a movie about them that reenacts what happened that fateful Tuesday. It gets you into their head, shows their mindset. Perhaps it even gives you an idea WHY they did it. But will the whiners in Washington ever see it as such? No. All that gets in there are old people who refuse to touch a video game for fear that they'll explode.

    Hopefully, though... in the coming years... our generation will take charge finally!

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    Nov 3rd, 2008 at 11:59:07     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Well. It's been nine years since the events of that horrid day (I had to look it up-- I was only 11 when it happened!) and still what was said by the perpetrators rings true. High school is really messed up. Though I haven't yet made it to the point where they start killing everyone, I must say that their words, more or less taken directly from official sources and from Klebold and Harris themselves are chilling.

    I don't know much about what others hide, but what they say in the game really reminds me of a darker shade of myself-- what I would be if my hatred ever took over. I know that it's wrong, of course, and I'm sure they did as well... but the fact is, unlike them, I could never justify killing someone, I'm just too forgiving. That, I think, is where they went wrong. They didn't let insults roll off them like water off a duck's feathers, but instead took the insults to heart and started to hate everyone around them.

    High school sucks, and there's something majorly wrong with it since I reached my senior year a full SEVEN YEARS later than they did and still felt the same way. I suppose what helped is that for the whole time I had people to go to and talk about stuff with, as well as my bestest best friend the internets. Plus it kinda helped that I didn't take everything said so personally, even actually becoming well-known and liked by the time it was over.

    Having said that, playing the game made me feel uneasy and just plain... wrong. I guess it's because I could really see myself doing this if I was pushed far enough, as they had been. I mean really, what is moral anyway when no one in "the system" gives a damn about you? When you don't matter... there's always this drive to make yourself matter. It's just too bad these two chose the quick and easy way of hatred.

    ...and now I'll sign off on this before it becomes too much like an educational show.

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    Oct 6th, 2008 at 13:16:17     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Ah the wonderful world of stereotypes. As I've seen several others addressing this issue in the game, I figure I'll give it a shot myself. As far as I'm concerned, there's no issue at all with the stereotypes depicted in the game because they're just that-- stereotypes. No one really acts that way, and if they do, they really ought not.

    Most have brought up the stereotypes depicted in CJ and his gang, likely because they're the most evident to see. Certainly, one can recognize that they're based in a stereotype, or as a warped depiction of a famous artist or actor. But they are far from the first or only ones. For as long as the series has been in 3D, all bets are off for political correctness, and the staff at Rockstar will make fun of anyone and everyone they can. From the country radio stations that talk of sleeping with one's own sister or eating possums to the criminal empires running the three cities featured, GTA's world is a giant joke poking fun at our own.

    One might ask, though, is it right for someone to make fun of people? I'd definitely say it is. No one likes to be made fun of, but at times it is the best way to get the point across that acting in a certain way is incredibly stupid. Ammu-Nation's shops and radio spots make fun of crazed gun lobbyists who bribe the government to get bigger so they can protect their second amendment rights from the government... Area 69 makes fun of a government which refuses to tell its own citizens anything for fear of others stealing information on how to destroy the planet. The real question one should ask is, is it morally right for a person to let a stereotype about him or herself continue by acting according to said stereotype?

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