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    Nov 5th, 2008 at 17:04:30     -    Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC)

    Game Entry Uno

    The game that I am playing now is called Super Columbine Massacre. This game when I first heard of it I will admit I thought it was trash how could someone make a game like that? People trying to make money off of it? But then I briefly read more about it and played it. I came to another conclusion of the opposite. . . first yes it’s a game that deals with the events of columbine but through the eyes of the killers Eric Dylan but how is making a game about this so wrong? I mean there have been games made about WWII and such and people don’t think that’s it bad taste? People die in those games and some can imagine some of their family members in those games. Another thing is that this game was made by Danny Ledonne and this game was free so no money was made on it. The creator of the game wanted the game to be real from the eyes of the shooters he used what Eric and Dylan left behind many of their thoughts . . . with this he assembled them into a role-playing game. Since then Danny has been ridiculed and praised at the same time because of the game. Ultimately I think that the game is great because its sending a message and its something to be looked at differently not just what people want it to be looked at in a negative light.

    Game Entry Dos

    The start of the game was quite something. The game opens in the room of one of the shooters, Eric I believe. Her we see the inside of his domain his room, displaying his lifestyle in essence. We see some things like games, killing games like doom and music also is playing, we see a dates of the coming event (the shooting), more things are present that can be displayed as bad influences. Here you start the mission of sorts and are told to plant bombs so that you can start the coming massacre. The controls are kind of hard to play im not used to playing on the computer weird but true. But that was a small problem with me and game as I started. Other than that I stopped playing since I had my fill;

    Game Entry Tres

    Well as I got comfortable with the controls of the game it more productive of sorts. Like any game you have to memorize buttons and such to play so now im able to proceed with the game. The things that I noticed is that the game lets you be the character in a way you feel like the character and that’s kind of disturbing since your playing the role of one of the shooters of the worst school shooting in American history. The game is old school by which I don’t like and to explain its like playing GTA the 1st game on PC. It’s a 1D world and not like the Xbox360 where the worlds of games are open and 3D. this was a problem that I found to be annoying and was starting to lose interest of the game. Some of the details of the game were bad but the violence wasn’t so bad when people died they died it wasn’t like there was blood squinting all over the place like Mortal Kombat. In the game did I kill people ya. . . it was creepy that I was playing the killers but you have to remember that it’s a game and nothing more and it’s a game that is sending a message. Were the Eric and Dylan victims? Maybe I believe so but they chose the wrong way to end their suffering . . . like them the games creator has said that he was on the same road path. They were targets of bullying and such. Its just interesting to think about who really is to blame?

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    Oct 6th, 2008 at 11:57:51     -    Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas (XBX)

    Enrty # Uno

    When i played Grand Theft Auto 3 on my x-box i will admit that this was the first time that i have played GTA in a looooong time. The last time i played GTA 3 was when it was 2006? So its been some time.

    I’ll admit that i have stopped playing alot of xbox due to time, work and the next best game but after playing GTA 3 again i remember how much fun i used to have and how much fun this game really is. The set up of the game revolves around a gang member character of course, his story takes place in the city of Los Santos . It is here that we find out that character’s mother has died due to murder. The main character, named CJ meets up with his old gang and goes back to his old ways of delinquency and crime, big surprise and he had to be black. Throughout the game we piece together the story behind CJ’s mother’s murder.

    But I really wasn’t interested in the story like I was before in 2006. . . I just wanted to do missions and roam free in the terrain of the many sites and fictional cities that are based loosely but based on the real cites of L.A., San Frans. and Las Vegas . If anything this game gives me an escape to do whatever I want and do. . . things that I can never really do in real life (I can but the consequences are a pain). Steal cars, run over people, home invasion (uhhh fun!), gang war with other gangs. . . I mean come on its awesome it makes me wonder what kind of person I am. If I like doing all those things in the game does that make me a bad person in real life? No.

    I ended up playing beyond the 30 mins with my sister. . . Co-Op is jus fun.

    Entry # Dos

    On my still first go around playing the GTA game but this will be by 2nd entry of my adventure in the GTA 3 world I decided to focus on the stereotypes and the ethnic nature of the game. So in the GTA game the “hero” or main character is a gang member by the name of CJ, CJ is an African American in the game and with that brings to question why it had to be a minority. The game lets you choose missions and such and you can go on your mayhem throughout the game but when you stop and think for a second the main game is letting you control a character that is from a “Compton” esque city neighborhood that is surround by gangs, drugs and that nature in the game. The parts of the neighborhood in the game like low-income district of Idlewood in the city of Los Santos is a perfect place to see how the game developers wanted to throw that image of poverty. No its debatable to say if the game developers were targeting and mocking African Americans since all we see is in the game is theft, home invasion, and pimping. But it is interesting to see how other people view the city of Los Angeles I believe that the game is somewhat of a satire of the city of LA and I see it as a way the game developers are perhaps addressing the issues of poverty and such to people. Another thing is the usage of women in the game. When you play Co-Op if you decide to play as a male and a female the person who is playing the female character is given the option to kiss the male character of the game. That was something that shows that females in the game are more of a dominated people and that also that perhaps that women in the game are almost like pets since they will do what they are asked. Another thing is the way women are dressed in the game. Well they are hardly dresses and have that sexy voice to them in the game. I can see how women can say that the game is objectifying them and such.

    Entry # Tres

    On my 2nd time playing GTA 3. . . I started to see that there is no point in doing good in the game since the whole game is designed for you the gamer to excel and be best in destroying, assaulting, and killing. There is no accountability in the game. . . well maybe if accountability is used differently in a negative way then yes there is accountability, since you are accountable of the actions you part take like killing and stealing, doing these things boosts you. Vigilantism is done a lot in here. You can be the hand of God and kill whomever you want; you can become a cop killer in this realm. If anything this game is still great in my eyes and I can see the argument that other people say that the game enforces stereotypes and such but for what it is. . . it’s a GAME. . .

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