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    Oct 12th, 2006 at 18:11:44     -    Harvest Moon, Magical Melody (GC)

    I got to two hearts with Alex and got another cut scene. He's started saying more about himself instead of just telling me to go to bed early. There was a festival but sadly I did not have a horse to enter into the race. Though, three more characters were introduced. Gwen is a new character that wasn't in any of the older Harvest Moons, and I really like how she looks. I only see Carl occasionally, but I've been giving a few other characters presents but I don't have any hearts with them yet. I've been saving up for a barn so that I can get animals. I still haven't gotten far enough in the game to buy anything interesting or have a lot of fun cut scenes. But I'm definitely addicted already which is bad because I need to play Okami.

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    Oct 12th, 2006 at 16:39:13     -    Harvest Moon, Magical Melody (GC)

    I'm starting to like Alex, the doctor, more than Carl. For one, I never know where to find Carl. Apparently I'm not visiting the whole town or something?
    Alex likes to be given herbs and mushrooms, which is great because it's free. He's slowly starting to say more things, and he's always nice and caring which is cute. It's sad, I still don't have any hearts from my dog nor do I have any animals. I've finally planted some vegetables in order to make some cash but I'm still pretty poor. I don't know what to give anyone to make them like me more. And I must be not visiting part of the village because there are still a lot of people that I haven't even met yet. I feel that I would be able to give a better character interaction entry if I was farther in the game. Because at the beginning of Harvest Moon games, it's always a hard to get your farm moving and get some cash before you start befriending people. But sadly, I don't have another saved game. I've also been giving Nina flowers because she's this game's version of Potpourri, who was my wife in the N64 version. I love her pink hair, haha. Kurt is also kind of intrigueing because he's surly, which makes me wonder if he has a secret sweet side or if he's just a mean guy all around. But yes, I definitely need to figure out where all of these people are hiding in the town, haha.

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    Oct 12th, 2006 at 13:23:39     -    Harvest Moon, Magical Melody (GC)

    I just started the game so I haven't had enough time to make good relationships with the townspeople. I don't even think I've met everyone yet. But I chose to be a girl, and I'm excited to play this version of Harvest Moon because there are TEN choices for husbands. It's awesome. I met Carl the other day and I really like him because he reminds me of Quatre from Gundam Wing. He's all cute and happy, so he's definitely a possibility. I also like one of the stoic carpenters, though I forget his name. Jaime, I believe, is going to be my rival farmer, but he seems to be a brat and I don't like the way he looks. In this game, you even get to make relationships with the cute little animals around town. So I definitely have to remember to start feeding the dolphin every day so that he loves me. I don't have a barn yet so I can't have animals, which is depressing. The animals were always my favorite part besides picking your wife/husband. I'm still working on cleaning out my farm, so I don't have any plants yet either. I'm basically only making money off fishing and making sushi. But overall the game, as always, is incredibly cute and so now I'm gonna go and clean up my farm some more.

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