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    Feb 23rd, 2009 at 08:22:04     -    JFK Reloaded (PC)

    I would not make a very good assassin. Despite hours of researching and paining, I was unable to make the “perfect shot.” However after many attempts, I still found the graphics and realism oddly frightening. Despite the game’s independent release in 2004, the graphics and physics are quite sophisticated. Because the game was designed within a small budget, it lacks several building and all of the surrounding observers. However the game is very proud of their relatively accurate physics engine.

    It also keeps true to its realistic image. Unlike many modern games, JFK Reloaded doesn’t have any cheat codes. Despite many people searching and an unrealistic mode, none have been found. The representative for Traffic Software claims that all testing codes were removed from the final project. Many people have hoped for a mode in which the player could use a rocket launcher or machine gun to perform the assassination. However, despite these requests and wishes, the game stayed firm to it’s realistic game play.

    The game was released so people could come up with their own conclusion on whether the Warren Commission report was true. While this is freedom of speech, many people were offended by it. Members of the Kennedy family have made public statements, all which showed they were clearly disgusted by the game. In Traffic Software’s defense, the game was made in a serious tone and did their best to stay respectful.

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    Feb 22nd, 2009 at 18:15:12     -    JFK Reloaded (PC)

    I started my second round by doing a lot of research. I started by reading up on the game and the JFK assassination. I then read through JFKaos which the best and largest website with information about the game and it's controversy. I read through the list of what was required to make the three "perfect shots." I also watched several copies of the Zapruder Film via YouTube.

    When I opened the game, I was surprised to find that the view from within the game looked also identical to the to the Zapruder Film footage, despite the obvious change in view. After watching the footage, I was able to better understand where and when my shots should be fired. However knowing when and were to shoot doesn't mean the shots actually hit their targets. Because the game uses realistic physics, shots don't hit as planed. The bullet actually travels through the air and shifts depending on other things. This differs from most videogames in which shots fly generally as expected. The cars also move and react realistically. Depending on when the shots are fired and how the shots hit, the cars will stop and swerve out of the way depending on how the other cars in the motorcade react.

    The game was obviously very controversial when it was released. To add to that controversy, the game wasn't made in the US, but by Traffic Software out of Glasgow, Scotland on November 21st, 2004. It was released one day before the 41st anniversary of JFK's assassination. Traffic Software claims that ten people worked on the game. It took them one year of research and programing to finish JFK Reloaded. Of the ten people on the team, only one has spoken publicly. The company has since fallen apart and and never created another piece of software. The last release of the game was simply making the game free. It is believed that the company fell apart because of the large level of controversy around the game.

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    Feb 22nd, 2009 at 15:53:19     -    JFK Reloaded (PC)

    I first played this game Friday the 20 but forgot to add my log.

    JFK Reloaded is a simple first person shooter in which the play emulates the JFK assassination. The play plays as Lee Harvey Oswald. The goal is to emulate the assassination according to the Warren Commission report.

    The first time you play it warns you that the game is a real-world emulation and that bullets fly as they should in real life, not like a video game. The first shot I took was confusing. I was expecting the game to play like most video games and give me hints such as an arrow showing me where my target was or an example video. Nether were shown. After the motorcade drives off, you are shown a replay and scored on how close your shots were to the actual report. Since I don't regularly watch JFK assassination footage, my first several attempts were terrible ranging from totaling missing to only about 300.

    The game is obviously controversial because it makes the player emulate a horrible event that happened in United States history. The game was released on the 41st anniversary of JFK's death and was done so to allow the player to decide if the Warren Commission report could be accurate.

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    Jan 18th, 2009 at 19:57:07     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC)

    I started off honestly trying to be a good person. I took a car and tried to follow the street signals. This lasted a whole one minute until the correct owner of the car can up next to me and I speed through the red light like a bat out of hell. So I gave up on my “good boy” routine, and ran over a few people. When the cops showed up I beet him up and stole his hand gun.

    As a good member of society, I decided to do the right thing in this case: clean the streets. I found the first group of gang members and started to open fire. I quickly learned that gang members carry much better weapons then the cops. Why shoot people with a cop’s hand gun when you can use an Uzi? After shooting up a handful of gang members, prostitutes, and general people, I decided to try and keep a low profile. However, keeping a low profile is not fun.

    I quickly learned that there is no point in playing a GTA game if you’re not reeking some sort of havoc. After all, real life is boring. Why just run around mimicking real life when you can run around blowing up things and killing people? While doing so in real life is immoral and wrong, doing it in a game is fun and exciting! Don’t worry, I’ll keep my killing and robbing in the virtual realm.

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