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    Jan 21st, 2009 at 00:01:55     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Today I decided to go back to the missions and see where the gameís story takes me because I didnít enjoy going on rampages and being limited as to what I was allowed to do in the game. I was surprised by playing these missions some more new features that San Andreas offers that were not present in the previous versions of GTA. Through playing four more missions, I learned that you can crouch and roll was shooting a gun and switch targets easily. I was even more surprised that in this game in order to increase the characterís toughness and fighting abilities that you need to go to the gym and work out. As cool as this sounds thinking about it, I think that when playing the game in itís entirety that it would probably become redundant and stupid just like having to feed the character to maintain health and trying not to allow him to become fat. From playing previous versions of GTA and knowing first hand just how long the game takes to complete it, I think these new game play features ultimately might be a little ridiculous.

    The thing that has bothered me the most about this game is how the game seems to be all about gangs and gang violence and how it portrays certain stereotypes about people living in poor and ethnic neighborhoods. In the previous versions of GTA it seemed to deal around more organized crime groups like the mob, the cartel, the triads, etc. In San Andreas, it seems to be portraying gang on gang violence because the main character is running with a gang and they are attacking their rival gang. In the other versions, the main character seemed to be more of a high mercenary going where ever the money was. This has been by far the most surprising thing of all with this game.

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    Jan 20th, 2009 at 09:53:33     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    Today I was not in the mood to play any of the missions, so I decided to go on a rampage around the city trying to kill as many people as I could and trying to get as high of a wanted level as possible before getting busted or wasted. I started doing this by taking cars and trying to run over as many people and cops as I could, but this was taking too long and the only weapon I was able to get was a cop's gun. It was taking way too long between stars to raise it and because I wanted to see how high of a wanted level I could get and how long I could elude the cops, I decided to look up and used some weapon and health cheats from this site I found online. I even used the rhino cheat to create more mayhem around the city, but running over cars loses its fun after awhile, so I went back to just killing people by opening fire on groups of people. I started off slow by just going to a certain area of the city and opened fire against innocent bystanders in that area and seeing how many of the ones that started running away I could kill. Slowly and surely the cops started coming one by one and I took them all down and then stole their cars and started a getaway chase. After getting to a wanted level of four stars and killing people for awhile, I noticed my wanted level was not going up anymore and because I started getting bored, I looked up a cheat to increase the wanted level and tried using it, but nothing happened. I don't think the cheat was wrong because it was the same site that had given me the other cheats, so I guess there is some game play feature that prevents your wanted level going up too high too early into the game. Because my wanted level stayed at four stars and nothing was changing, I found the rampage becoming boring and redundant. I guess there comes a point when you can only kill so many people before it loses its fun. For some reason, I remember as a kid playing the older versions of this game that the rampages were more fun than it is now, so I think I've become too old to kill. I think tomorrow I will go back to playing the missions and see where they take me in the game because I am hoping they will be more fun than the rampages were.

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    Jan 19th, 2009 at 07:43:47     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    I played this game for the first time ever and I was surprised to see how different the game is from the previous versions of GTA. The first thing I was surprised about was how the story takes place back in 1992 and how the main character comes back to San Andreas after his mother was killed. Shortly after, the main character is arrested and blackmailed by the police and the story takes off from there. Whenever I play a new game for the first time, I watch and follow the story line, which gives me a better idea of where the game will go. The next thing that got me was being able to ride a bike and being able to take it for a ride around the city. I then went on to play the first mission and found myself having to try three times before beating it. I had some problems learning how to ride the bike and escape from the group of gang members chasing me in the car and trying to kill me. I was also surprised to find that after riding the bike for a while, the main character gets tired and sometimes stops peddling, which I found out the hard way trying to escape the gang banging car peddling up a hill. After beating that I went on the play a couple more missions.

    Overall, I was pleased with San Andreas and found myself enjoying the game and some of its new features that werenít previously seen in other versions of GTA. I liked the new features of being able to ride a bike and how your character can become tired after peddling too fast and hard. I like how your choices affect the character like going to the barber shop and getting a new hairstyle, having to feed him and if you do not feed him, he loses energy or if you feed him too much, he can become fat, tagging things and gaining respect. I am interested to see where the game goes next.

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