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    Jan 21st, 2009 at 04:46:24     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (360)

    Session 3
    I was starting to think that the game was not that moral and ethical bad when my mission was to beat up a drug dealer, then when I got there, there was a whore giving one of the druggies a blow job in the background. Sex is inserted everywhere possible in this game, it is no wonder that the rating was upgraded to AO (Adults Only).

    The game does have some interesting/different aspects. One thing in the game is that you can go to a gym and exercise to get stronger in the game, this might provide a message for health living. Another interesting thing is that there is a lot of ‘open’ space (a country/farm/forest setting) in the game. I discovered that there are stunt jumps in this game and you get point/money for performing stunts. I also discovered an off-track betting location where I could gambol money I had acquired in-game.

    When I got bored one of the options open to me was to drive around running over pedestrians and generally causing mayhem. This game gives may mixed messages, such as the sex mixed in with taking down a drug dealer, or the option of being a paramedic or general mayhem initiator.

    Overall I would say that the game presents may negative choices for game play. There is an overall all tone of intolerance and bigotry mixed in with a significant amount of sex. The game was moderately entertaining and I would have rather spent my time doing something more constructive.

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    Jan 21st, 2009 at 02:22:36     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (360)

    Session 2
    First mission this session is to ‘tag’ over other ‘tags’ where ‘tags’ are graffiti. The premise is that I can gain respect by spraying my gangs tag over another gangs; I also found out I am in a gang. The game glorifies gangs by talking about ‘honor’ to the gang and competition with other gangs. So far the game play has focused on the strengthening of my gang.

    I verified that most of the women I see in the game so far are hookers; after picking up a prostitute you are asked to find a secluded area.

    At one point my car started on fire and exploded and I restarted at a hospital next to an ambulance. When I got into the ambulance I discover the paramedic missions (you pick up injured people and bring them to the hospital). I have had the most fun so far driving around and picking up injured people, I also made $8,000 from paramedic missions (level 8). Although you have to steal the ambulance first, driving around saving people is the most positive aspect of the game I have discovered so far.

    *Note* I forgot to mention in Session 1 that the cops took the main character’s money.

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    Jan 20th, 2009 at 23:57:59     -    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (360)

    Session 1
    I am an experienced FPS and RPG gamer. I have not played GTA San Andreas before but I do have experience playing GTA IV on the Xbox 360. I am playing the Xbox version on a Xbox 360 with a 1080i HDTV. I will be primarily comparing this game to the newer GTA IV.

    The first thing I noticed is the older graphics, I am used to games that were made in HD and all standard definition games now seam lacking. I greatly prefer the map and tacking system (no GPS directions) in GTA IV. The protagonist in this game appears to be an African American; GTA games are played from a criminal stand point and I find the portal of a black man as a criminal to be slightly offensive, however I am open to subjective/artistic interpretation. The opening story sequence shows open police (all white) hostility to minorities (insulting the cab driver and arresting the protagonist). The early game leaves me with the impression that all of the black men in the game are gang members (everyone so far). In what I believe is still part of the games self instruction phases (where you learn how to play), after I learn about in game food, the NPC showing me around the game robs the restaurant.

    The game has a rather open sexuality to it; you can take all of the cloths, except underwear, off the main character (his hips are very disproportionate and move funny). Within the first few minutes of the game I encountered what appeared to be several hookers. I also noted that there is not a lot of verity in Non-Player Characters (NPCs), you can see duplicates walking next to each other.

    This game is promising to have a lot of sex and racial profiling and I defiantly earned its M/AO rating. According to Wikipedia the game was original rated M (Mature) but was later re-rated as AO (Adults Only) and was the re-released as M.

    *Note* Why am I riding a bicycle in the beginning?

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