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    Mar 10th, 2009 at 17:54:24     -    Super Columbine Massaacre (Web)

    What I found most appauling, just like others, is the fact that the game displays these characters as courageous for going through with this demonic and unjustful act. Its so hard to understand and it sickens me that what I am playing is based off of reallife. I believe that this game is a huge mockery to the lives lost and their families. As for the two killers- how do you think their families would deal with this?
    Its hard enough for me, someone who did not know anyone involved in this real life incident, to cope with the fact that it actually happened. I could never imagine having one of my loved ones lives put into a game just for others sick enjoyment.
    Not only does the game mock these lives, but I am sure it puts ideas into other kids heads on how to threaten their schools. Not only does the game show unjust acts I think it was a horrible idea that it was even created!

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    Mar 10th, 2009 at 09:02:44     -    Super Columbine Massaacre (Web)

    I cannot figure out how to get past the hallway and the cafeteria. Does anyone know how to plant both the bombs and move on???? It is really bugging me because I have been trying for the past half hour and have gotten no where!!

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    Mar 10th, 2009 at 08:34:59     -    Super Columbine Massaacre (Web)

    Honestly, this game freaked me out. I'm still only in the beginning part where they just get to the school. It is taking me forever to figure out how to get past the parking lot spot. The things that these kids say to eachother are so surreal. It's hard to forget that this game is based off of an actual day that ruined peoples lives. While I was in the basement I clicked on a pizza box and it brought me to a time where the two boys were talking about their futures. One was going to Arizona State and the other was joining the Marines. It showed the two kids at a more innocent stage and didn't portray them as the killers they turned out to be. It is weird to think that this game is based off of real lives. I also thought that the music was pretty intense towards the theme of the game. I dont know why but the music really made me think about how real this situation was and I am playing a game that pretty much mocks all the lives lost that day.

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    Feb 15th, 2009 at 18:50:26     -    Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (PS2)

    When I started a new mission, I noticed that when you go to buy a gun, the gun seller ALWAYS says- don't mention where you got this okay? or you don't know me. This reminds of every movie how there is always a hidden gunseller who knows exactly what the person is doing with the gun, but will sell it to them anyways.
    In the last half hour that I played- I started a gang war. Gang members were running through the streets and it made me think about if this really does happen in real life. By the end, I took over the Ballas territory. This game has really made me think about how gangs act in real life. I obviously know that it is impossible to magically have all different types of guns appear in my hand- but are there some parts of the world that violence is just a regular thing in every day life. Are their people that are as corrupted as the player in this game?
    This game definitely puts into perspective how violence is occuring all the time. This game also shows how race has a lot to do with the gangs you are in. Yes, there are some mixed gangs but majority shows that each gang sticks within their own race. Also, woman are portrayed in a very whorish way. Most of the women walking through the streets are prostitutes- and it gives off the impression that areas like these are dirty and sluts are just walking around every where.
    This game brings up every stereotype out there. It also over stresses all these stereotypes as well. It is a very addicting and fun game, but it proves why kids can be so violent now a days. They learn from these videogames.

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