jah6429's GameLogBlogging the experience of gameplayhttps://www.gamelog.cl/gamers/GamerPage.php?idgamer=1678Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC) - Wed, 15 May 2013 12:41:09https://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5685Today I started out as playing Dylan in hell. This game is starting to lose my interest now. From what I thought would be an insight on how the massacre actually occurred, the game took a complete turn. I was able to look past killing way more students in the school versus how many were killed in real life, but it has been a slow decline on the realism of the game. I started walking around in hell and killing some monsters but it got boring fast. How did this relate to Columbine? In the beginning of the game, I thought the developers were making this video game to educate. Halfway through I think they decided to scrap that idea and just make a sub-par nonsense RPG. I thought for sure the games lack of things for the player to do would be compensated for the story, I feel like I was wrong. Sure, the game was able to make the characters in the game feel personable with their dialogue and thoughts but halfway through the game I lost that feeling. Going back to my first game log, I thought it was ethical to play a game like this; even make one as long as it was insightful. I do not believe the game developers did a good job on doing this. If they focused more the actual events and realism that occurred, this game could have been better. All in all, the game portrayed what may have happened poorly during the Columbine Massacre.Wed, 15 May 2013 12:41:09 CSThttps://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5685&iddiary=10024Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC) - Tue, 14 May 2013 23:13:54https://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5685After playing today, I made it up until you plant the bombs and go to receive some weapons to begin the massacre. Once I came back to the school, I was presented with the option of either killing everyone I could, or going to the library. I decided to go around killing to see what would happen, I wanted to see what the dialogue was like. In my last post I talked about how this game may be similar to what actually took place. I wanted to have this view and knowledge of what may have actually happened. I also wanted to see if the characters had any thoughts or regrets. I played up until the characters kill themselves and enter hell, which resembled the video game Doom. The subtle use of the game doom as not only an item but also level was interesting. After doing some googling, I found out that these kids actually did play Doom and the media was stating how the game influenced their actions. Today's playing made me think, what is the difference between the violence in the game Doom versus the violence in this game. I personally feel that this game may influence others more than Doom. This was a real life event that happened. Doom is fantasy. As much as this super columbine game may be a tool for education on what may have happened, could this also be a tool on how one can mimic a tragedy just like Columbine?Tue, 14 May 2013 23:13:54 CSThttps://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5685&iddiary=10010Super Columbine Massacre RPG (PC) - Mon, 13 May 2013 23:13:37https://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5685To start off, I had mixed feelings about playing this video game. It is based on a terrible tragedy that occurred and made me wonder whether it was ethical that someone made this game. Was this even ethical for me to play? The game has graphics that resemble the old SNES 16 bit games. This however did not take me out of the story that I would soon be playing. The story and plot actually make up for the graphics. I felt somewhat immersed into this game. All of the pop culture references along with personal statements or feelings from the characters made this feel more personable and somewhat realistic. The game even featured a flashback to a prior time between the two characters within the game. The events that took place within Eric's house leading up to the school and sneaking around put an actual perspective on how the Columbine Massacre may actually have occurred. After my first play through, I would say that this game is ethical to play and was ethical to develop. It sheds some light on how the columbine massacre may have happened and adds a new perspective. It seems like this game was developed to educate people on what took place, sort of like a learning tool. I was actually controlling the simulated characters that did this event in real life. Having full control like this is much different than watching a movie or documentary. It almost creates a relationship with these characters; you are trying to help them accomplish a goal. This goal however is to massacre others.Mon, 13 May 2013 23:13:37 CSThttps://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5685&iddiary=9999Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC) - Wed, 24 Apr 2013 10:34:27https://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5654This morning while I was playing, I realized that it would be very hard to complete this game without doing something illegal within the game. Regardless of what a mission has you do, in order to get somewhere you are most likely going to steal someoneís car. This consequently may lead to the driver trying to pull you out of his car if he can to try to kill you. This, just like the slippery slope, leads one to now have kill the person you carjacked. Sure, you can try to get away but that is not the first thought that comes to mind when your character has a gun and the other does not. I almost feel like the game is made where you have to break the rules or even oneís own moral code. In the end, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was fun to play through. It was an escape from reality that allowed me to become fascinated with a whole new environment. I was able to see how different ethics in a fictional town compared to real life beliefs. The game may be controversial but it presents dilemmas that may or may not happen in real life. For me, it was fun to think what if this really did happen? What if our society had a strong ethic principle like San Andreas?Wed, 24 Apr 2013 10:34:27 CSThttps://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5654&iddiary=9963Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC) - Tue, 23 Apr 2013 19:28:16https://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5654Today I started doing missions and following the story line. I took a notice to how the characters in the game act. Many of the characters used profane language and did not seem to have any morals or ethics. The people in San Andreas seemed to have their own culture that they lived by. I would drive through red lights and not even the police officers would do anything about it. I was quickly able to relate this to utilitarianism and cultural relativism. The moral code in San Andreas does not mimic that of real life at all. People did and said whatever they wanted and they seemed happy about it like it was acceptable! It appeared that characters in the game would only act out if something happened to them personally. Other than that, they went on with their day. When my character would beat up other people, they would fight back but the bystanders would just run away. It was only when I fought a gang did someone else try to help an ally. There were hardly any consequences from my actions either, which made it feel like it was acceptable for me to kill someone or drive recklessly. The only time I felt morally incorrect was if a police officer saw me; and then it was only if I was hurting someone, they did not seem to care that I was speeding or crashing unless it affected them personally. Even when doing missions that I was told to do, I would get in trouble from other people or police officers. The game was telling me to do something, but also making me feel bad for doing those actions which were asked of me. I can only imagine what a city like the one from the game would be like in real life. I understand that some places to a certain extent do have a structure similar to cultural relativism but if one existed exactly like this, it would be chaotic. People getting away with racial insults, cursing everywhere, crashing cars and gangs recklessly pulling guns out is a city I do not want to live in. It was interesting to see how some of the characters, such as CJís gang members, thought what they were doing was ethically right and this even increased their overall happiness.Tue, 23 Apr 2013 19:28:16 CSThttps://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5654&iddiary=9949Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (PC) - Mon, 22 Apr 2013 18:43:07https://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5654Today, while playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I had mixed feelings. First off, I had a strong sense of nostalgia. I havenít played this game since I was a young kid back on the Playstation 2. I did not start any missions yet, just because I wanted to get used to how the controls have changed while playing on a PC. After some time, the controls were no longer foreign to me and I was right on my way to exploring the environment and doing what I wanted. As I was playing today, I noticed my play style is somewhat utilitarian. I did not care what I was doing; be it killing a person or driving recklessly and crashing. I was maximizing my happiness at the cost of no one in the real world except for some neutral player characters in a video game. I saw no harm in what I was doing. I did not have any moral regrets either. I did however have a thought related to the recent Boston Bombing. I saw a picture that showed one of the suspects being detained by police officers with the Grand Theft Auto Interface attached to it. I did not find this humorous and it sparked a question for me. How differently would people play a Grand Theft Auto game if it took facial pictures of peopleís friends from Facebook and edited them into the game? No longer is the player shooting at some random, generated face from a developer. This is a face you know, it seems much more personable. If this were a web-based browser game that had the ability to do this, I know I would not play the game the same way. I would not be able to look at a simulated character with one of my friendís face on it and shoot them. I would no longer just roam around the game killing and have a utilitarian play style. My play style would change to Kantianism. I would only play the game to do the missions and hope that I donít kill any friends but save them. I would do this because I ought to do it, or feel it is what the universe would feel is morally right and ethical. Now that I have this thought in mind, I wonder how it will affect my future logs.Mon, 22 Apr 2013 18:43:07 CSThttps://www.gamelog.cl/logs/LogPage.php?Log_Id=5654&iddiary=9936