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    HHoran's Madden NFL Football 2007 (PS2)

    [February 5, 2007 11:57:41 PM]
    Now I've completed my second session of Madden Football 07 and it still showed an improvement from last year's game, which was good as well. In this session, I didn't have anyone to play with so I didn't play against anyone in a game. Rather, I explored the infamous franchise mode that has received such a good reputation over the years. The basic idea of it is that instead of controlling a player during a game, you instead control a team in the traditional role of an owner of a team. And while you can play any game on your schedule, the idea is that you make the necessary draft picks and free agent acquisitions to bring your team to the superbowl.

    As someone who solely plays sports games, I have never seen a better franchise system that they have in the series of Madden football games. Becuase video games are fun when they are able to make something fake seem real, this feature makes these games especially entertaining. It takes the reality in a video game to the next level, as you can not only play with other players, but create yourself, put yourself onto a team, and then progress their abilities. It is rediculously real, making quite addictive for sports game freaks everywhere.

    But unlike the usual franchise feature, the new version of Madden takes it to another letter. The NFL Superstar: Hall of Fame feature is detailed beyond any video game ever created. It allows you to create your own superstar who owns his own apartment, and become a hall of famer while gaining influence on gameday, watch an accelerated version of the game with your player, or earn position-specific roles to increase your influence. Unbelievable.
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    [February 5, 2007 10:45:31 PM]
    So I just finished my first hour of Madden Football 07'. I've been hearing a lot about this game and thought it was worth a shot to play it myself. After playing my fellow classmate with the Bears, I realized that Electronic Arts stepped their game up from last year. The gameplay, as well, as the controller configuration are far superior to last year's model. Also, it seems every single aspect of the game, if it hasn't been improved, it has just been amped up and more in you face.

    The first thing I noticed after playing a game of this was the difference in the controller configuration from last year's model. For the last five or six years or so, the X button has represented a speed burst on offense whereas the O button has represented a speed burst on defense. However, in 07, they have switched the controls so X is a speed burst on offense and defense, and switch players is mutually the O button. This provides a major convenience compared to the last several games, even though some gamers might be used to the old controls. Also, the model for kicking has changed. They've switched it from two consecutive taps on the X button to a much smoother motion by rocking back and then foward on the right analog stick.

    Furthermore, the gameplay has made major leaps and bounds. They've added a multitude of new features including the highlight stick, which provides two new "jukes" when running the ball, and double moves, which is yet another type of "juke", on offense. Also, on offense they've added the new lead blocking controls, which let's you assign blockers in the middle of a play. All of these features aid the offense, making the game more interesting in general. But they've also made one new adjustment on defense, as well. Now the player you have highlighted is able to commit to a run or a pass by a quick reflex right after the snap. This keeps the player on defense, typically the boring position, on his toes and into the game.
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    HHoran's Madden NFL Football 2007 (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 5 February, 2007

    HHoran's opinion and rating for this game

    A funky good time.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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