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    LeeDawg55's Call Of Duty 3 (PS3)

    [February 9, 2007 03:16:58 PM]
    The website would not let me update so this is my continuation to the 2nd entery...So overall, very well developed game. Also this game is very fun to play multiplayer online. I would definetly recommend it. Whoops, I just realize it says that I played this game on PS3, but I didn't. I actually played it on my 360 and do not know why it says I did.
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    [February 9, 2007 03:10:19 PM]
    So I continued playing COD3 and my gameplay experience got so much better. I started another mission in france. The part that I thought was the best where you were able to drive the jeep with two other frenchmen. You had some what of a complex course to drive through, luckly the star helped showed where to go. There were ofcourse challenges while driving in the jeep. It was possible for the player to get shot, or take damage while driving. If you went the wrong way, there was a chance your jeep can get blown up. I realized this game demonstrated great cinematic experience with the mini cut scenes. Something that the game does to keep the player interested is the different jobs you are able to fulfill. For example driving a tank or driving a jeep. I heard that sometime you are able to fly to its quite awesome how you are able to do these different abilities. This did give me a few ideas for my game- A challenge is the amount of enemies that are out there to kill you. I wanted to bring this towards my game to create further challenege. My experience while playing this game did grow in a good way. When I started, I ended up dying a lot but later on when I was able to drive the jeep, I did have more interest to become engaged for this game. I was very proud of myself when I actually stayed alive. When I did stay alive, I was able to appreciate the goal of exceling further in the game. With the social interactions, like I said in the entry before, they were able to talk to you while gameplay and help/guide you through the course. Cutscenes were very exciting. They give a more feel of what your character sees. If a gernade explodes next to you, you hit the ground and the screen will go kind of grey with a sound as if your ears were blown out. In some of the scenes, you are able to move around and look around as the scene is going on.

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    [February 9, 2007 02:53:26 AM]
    Wow, I truely forgot how great of a game this was. I put all my time into GoW. So anyways these has to be the greatest war game ever created. I doubt that any other company can make a better war game than COD3. The graphics get better and better. It is really scary of how realistic this game is. This produces actually objectives that the real war veterans had to accomplish. After that being said, It did feel a little different from Call of Duty 2. The whole feel of controling your character has slightly changed. I was always the sniper in COD2 and when I tried it out with this one, it was completely different. On a positive note, COD3 offered many new opportunities that the player can do rather than COD2. You get to control a tank, shoot different guns, etc. Before I started to play campaign, I played a lot of multiplayer. I loved playing COD2 online so I gave COD3 a chance online. Players I talked to also felt that the new control change in this game was not good. They claimed "It just didn't feel right". There were some cool types of matched online that were fun to play. Anyways when I started playing campaign which took place at the Battle of Normandy. Its just a great game that gives a close detailed specualation on what the idea is of being behind the lines. I truly believe the back of this game case when it claims: "next generation technology delivers the most authentic and immersive war experience yet" When I started playing, there was no difficulty setting! I started playing but got really inpatient. I rushed towards a group of enemy and ended dying right away. Once I got over myself, I started to succeed in these objectives. There were many characters in the game. Ofcourse granted its a 1st person shooter so you do not get to see the character in which you control, but your friends look good graphically. Its hard to distinguish between character mainly because its war and you can not really tell them apart. I think that this story is so authentic because it's our history! It is the tru story of battle! Thought on the gameplay, like i said before, a little different in comparrison to the 2nd call of duty. Its a different feel to the one I am accustomed to. I do not really like this new feel at all. A cool part to this game is the dialogue between the war heroes. They talk to you and let you know to get cover, or warning there was a gernade thrown, etc.These awesome design elements are the key part in this game. The people who created this game want the players to get a 1st hand feel of what war is like, they did a great job. Level design is really bizarre in good ways and bad. Its kind of granted that a player can cover a lot of land but the game forces you to go one way. The player can't have much freedom in these levels, its basically walk towards the next star on the map which is the next objective. This game creates a lot of conflict. The huge conflict is war and trying to stay alive. You have the enemys that swarm in waves towards you trying to kill you. Anyways it is my time to take a break from gamelog and continue my game.
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    LeeDawg55's Call Of Duty 3 (PS3)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 8 February, 2007

    GameLog closed on: Thursday 22 February, 2007

    LeeDawg55's opinion and rating for this game

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