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    teardrop's Guitar Hero II (PS2)

    [February 12, 2007 01:00:32 AM]
    I feel that in order for guitar hero to be better would be to make the playing experience closer to the experience of actually playing the guitar. Maybe have actual strings on the guitar because pushing buttons just don't cut it. That is nothing like playign guitar at all. The only thing the game has that is similar to the actual experience of playign guitar is ryhthm. I like the animated characters thay show playing as the player plays their pretty interesting to look at although the game could also use a bigger variety of characters. Those are a couple of ideas for game improvement
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    [February 9, 2007 06:33:18 PM]
    So I took another round at Guitar Hero hoping to enjoy the game a little more. Well, it does have a wide selection of some awesome music, and the visuals are alright. I have to give the game some points for that. I'm still not really into the game though. I guess its a good game for people that don't play guitar, but I would really suggest guitar over this game anyday.
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    [February 9, 2007 12:02:54 PM]
    So I heard a great deal about this game before I started playing it. Everyone said that the game was genius. So, I decided to check out the game. The game is like ddr except with fingers. I guess you can say you feel like a rockstar while playing guitar hero, but i must say I felt that it was lacking. Maybe because I play guitar, but guitar hero sucks compared to actually playing the guitar. I don't feel like I'm actually playing the songs when I play guitar hero and I'm stuck looking at the screen the whole time so I can't even move around really and jam. I mean I guess if someone didn't play guitar this game would be fun. The game has a huge selection of songs, and you can make it go from easy to really hard.
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    teardrop's Guitar Hero II (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 9 February, 2007

    teardrop's opinion and rating for this game

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