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    CCOdabomb's GunBound (PC)

    [February 10, 2007 11:37:06 PM]
    After an hour of playing, things got a bit pointless becuse you just keep shooting around and weird people try to curse you out. Some flaws of the game include words that cannot be used in a sentence becsuse it is considered as a bad word. Also, ranking takes too long and by the time you reach a battle axe, it will take four weeks.
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    [February 9, 2007 03:13:02 PM]
    Gunbound is one of the most played online games worldwide. Gunbound is a animated game that is similar to pocket tanks but only with animated characters and i is onine. In this game you have a chance to interact with people around the world or in your own country. You first login with your username by using internet explorer, then you start the game by entering a server that is USA accounts only. The game begins by clicking on one of the open rooms and by doing this, you are either in team A or team B. You can switch teams if the other team has an open slot. After choosing teams, you select a bot, which is the "mobile" you will be using throughout the game, and weapons. The weapons are things you can use throughout the game and there are three slots of weapons you can use. Weapons like "dual" or "teleport" are the weapons I use. Dual gives you the ability to shoot twice at your opponent, and teleport gives me the ability to shoot myself somewhere else. The battle begins after everyone presses ready and the master of the room presses start. Just like pocket tanks, you can move around and fire attacks at your opponents.

    Each bot has a different ability, meaning that they shoot something different, a boomer can shoot a boomerang, while an a sate shoots a laser. This game requires a lot of geometry because the harder shots you can make, the more GP and gold you can get. GP is what will determine your rank in the game. And gold gives you the ability to buy avatar for the character you use.
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    CCOdabomb's GunBound (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 9 February, 2007

    CCOdabomb's opinion and rating for this game

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