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    banes's Call of Duty 3 (360)

    [February 9, 2007 08:06:28 PM]
    This time around, I'm going to focus more on the multiplayer aspect of the game. One thing that is different about this game compared to other shooters, is the use of the crosshair. The crosshair only shows up once you start shooting the gun and you are directly aimed at an enemy. This seems good and bad. It is good because it allows the player to develop better aim. However, it is bad, because it makes it more difficult to align your gun to be pointing right at your target. The mechanic is definitely more realistic. I know when I blow away Nazis in real life, i don't get a crosshair. If I did, I might need to get that checked out.

    Another device used in multiplayer is the team killing punishment. I will just say that it sucks. I was in one game where team killing was off. However, this only works for guns and explosives. You can run a teammate over to kill them. There was this one player that would continually do this throughout an entire multiplayer session. He wasn't ever kicked because of the kicking system, or lack there of. When the game maker has team killing on and you are killed by a teammate, you get the option to forgive or to punish them. By punishing them you deduct an extra 2 points from the score in addition to the 1 that is automatically taken away for team killing. By forgiving, you don't deduct these extra points. Why the hell can't you kick them out?? It was more annoying to listen to people over the headset then it was to just deal with the team killer. People would constantly shout obscenities to the guy that probably didn't even have a headset to begin with. The fact that you can't kick anyone just adds to the frustration.

    Playing online with friends in the real world is a lot more fun then playing with people you just know through the online world. While playing this game earlier, I was on with a friend from College 9. I would fool around and team kill him from time to time, and he would do the same to me. In this respect, I accept team killing. A Joke between friends is fine, but the other scenario was just unacceptable. Although, I did find it plain funny after a while, especially with all the yelling going on over the headset.
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    [February 9, 2007 07:07:04 PM]
    I just got this game about a week ago. I started with the offline game at first, but then I got so bored that I just went for the online. The online is spectacular compared to the single player. The single player just feels like it's trying to hard to immerse the player into the experience. I have played my fair share of WWII shooters, and I can honestly say that this game doesn't do it much different. Sure, the gameplay is largely improved over the older Medal of Honor games, but once you play through a WWII game you know what to expect in the other titles.

    Single player also tried to do this mini game thing when an Axis opponent pounces on you unexpectedly. Immediately, this throws the player into a grappling mini-game where the two of you are fighting to out muscle the other. This requires you to press A rapidly, or alternate between the two triggers on the back of the controller. It is definitely an interesting idea, and something new that I havn't seen before. However, this gameplay mechanic ultimately ends up just being tedious. I just want to get back to popping a nazi in the chest. I don't want to deal with this stupid mini game that leads to the defeat of only one enemy. I could kill dozens of Gerries in the time it took me to take out just this one.

    As for the multiplayer, I have a blast online. I can't get enough of killing my opponent over and over again. I typically enjoy the Allies better because of my favorite class. Rifleman is great on the allies because your rifle is a semi-automatic. I don't like the Mauser on the Axis side, because you have to reload after every shot. This seems to be a bit unbalanced with this specific class, but if I end up on the Axis, I make do and just go light assault.

    The vehicles in multiplayer are tempting, but they are basically a way to just give your opponent a bigger target. Sure you can blast many fools away with a tank cannon fire. On the other hand, a rifleman can do his alternate fire with a detonate on contact grenade. This eradicates the tank fairly quickly.
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    banes's Call of Duty 3 (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 9 February, 2007

    banes's opinion and rating for this game

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