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    neoyaku2's Chibi-Robo (GC)

    [January 1, 2009 09:46:45 PM]
    I am still working on this game... I played it the week before Christmas and am still determined to help all the little toys, and the family, with their problems... lol!

    I will finish Chibi-Robo one of these days. It has just been pushed back behind all of the new games I keep getting...At least I haven't forgotten about it like Herdy Gerdy and Beyond Good and Evil. (Which one day, I will start playing, lol)...
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    [May 27, 2007 02:35:11 AM]
    Chibi-Robo.. is one of my favorite games.

    I don't know if the game will have any replay value after I beat it.. but I this first time through is absolutely entertaining... I have never been engaged in such a nice neat little story as this one.

    And unlike most games, I still haven't figured out exactly what triggers what event... Everything progresses at a believable, steady pace... As long as you do something, something else is bound to happen... There were some days (in-game) where I would just explore a single room, searching every nook and cranny of the space, and stumble upon a new toy. You'd talk to it, you'd hear its story, then become motivated in seeing the story you do what the toy asks of you (i.e... get the princess from the castle, by returning her red shoe). Somehow the story will fuse with another toy's story.. and before you know it, you're caught in this new saga...

    I love the structure of the game so much.. leisurely, and at your pace... though this does make the game feel longer than it actually is... I have only been playing for 10 hours (total) but I could've sworn that I played it for at least 4 weeks.

    Good stuff...

    Chibi-Robo in Smash Bros. Brawl PLEASE!
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    [March 4, 2007 03:38:06 PM]

    I was immediately intrigued with the game way back when Nintendo announced it. A little Robot guy, going around doing menial tasks, i.e. cleaning floors, digging holes, and such-- basically a leisurely adventure game. Though I never have really been a fan of adventure games, Chibi-Robo still managed to grab hold of my attention. It had style, from what I saw in the screen shots. It seemed to be really funny, based on what I saw from character designs. And it seemed to be a game that alot of people would ignore, so I knew I had to pay attention. (What? If I didn't pay attention to games people DIDN'T play, I wouldn't own more than half of my video game collection, and probably would've stopped playing games some time ago... but anyways...)

    I finally got to play the game last night, after owning for about 2-3 months (even before I had a console that could play the game) and this game has become one of my favorites.

    Before playing the game, I had no idea so much of the game's style was rooted in music, so when I turned it on and heard the menu-screen's music I was surprised. It kind of has that Katamari Damacy appeal. Kinda jazzy, kinda electronic, kinda swing-y. The sound designers knew what they were doing, and it shows. Almost every action that Chibi makes has a special sound to it, musical sound that is. Actions such as cleaning the floor conjure their own little musical themes that match the action of moving a brush back and forth. It's really impressive.

    The pacing of the game is very slow, very laid back. There are no set stages and levels, though there are about 5 different rooms (so far), and their isn't a clear-cut objective other than 'get more "Happy Points" so that you can become a Super-Chibi-Robo'. You get "Happy Points" by doing stuff around the house, and interacting with the many characters scattered about.

    Though there is only that ONE objective at the beginning of the game, it quickly turns into something more involving. You begin to meet all these neat characters, with their own problems, you start getting involved in the Family (who bought you)'s affairs and troubles.. It's very engaging, very entertaining, and surprisingly deep--- the wife of the house is questioning her marriage, the young daughter is upset at night, because the parents aren't getting along, and the Husband is ignoring the problems around him and keeps collecting toys and robots, furthering the family's debt. I am very very impressed by how everything slowly unfolds, and you begin to truly play the role of the Chibi-Robo -- making everyone in the house happier.

    I've played the game about 5 hours total, in two sittings (one 3 hour stretch and another 2 hour stretch...), and I am always wanting to go back and play. If this were the week of Spring Break, I would probably still be playing the game right now.... Chibi-Robo has a way of making you go just one more day-cycle, or just one more night-cycle (different events occur at different times of the day..i.e. Most of the toys are active at night, when no one is around to see them, the door to the bedroom is only open during the day, etc.).

    There is just so much to do that I could talk about the game for another 5 paragraphs. But, I'll hold of for another 2-3 hours of gameplay for my next post. In the meantime, I would recommend buying the game, especially since it won't cost you more than $15 at any retailer--though this game is worth full price.
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    neoyaku2's Chibi-Robo (GC)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 4 March, 2007

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 4 September, 2011

    neoyaku2's opinion and rating for this game

    Better than anyone could have expected.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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