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    jhogg's Max Payne (XBX)

    [March 18, 2007 06:29:51 PM]
    After playing the game for a while, I became really good at using the slow motion button. Without it the game would be nearly impossible. There are too many guys around corners and ones that come from no where. By going in slow motion it allows me to see and assess the situation before acting. If this feature was unavailable enemies would sneak up and kill you all the time. I also like the wide range of weapons. My favorite is the shotgun because of its close range effectiveness. My other favorite is having two handguns. These handguns are above normal for they kill enemy’s way easier than the enemy’s guns kill you. The blood splatter affect the game has is also cool. The story line was a little cheesy, but the entire game is kind of like a cheesy movie. Nevertheless I would recommend players to check this one out.
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    [March 18, 2007 06:26:09 PM]
    This game has taken a simple movie tactic and created a great game out of it. The main premise of the game is that you are a vigilante in revenge. You go around trying to kill all the villains throughout the city. It is essentially a first person shooter; however the makers have added a twist. You can use your character in slow motion for a couple of seconds in order to give this movie affect. Your character can only go in slow motion for so long due to a bar that weakens as you go into slow motion. This tool is my favorite part of the game because it turns the game almost into a movie. Also, it leads to cool kill scenes such as jumping down the stairs in slow motion with a shotgun ready to shoot whatever’s at the bottom.
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    jhogg's Max Payne (XBX)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 15 March, 2007

    jhogg's opinion and rating for this game

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