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    Aenimus's Guitar Hero II (PS2)

    [January 24, 2008 06:39:15 PM]

    GAMEPLAY - One great thing about Guitar Hero II is people can just pick up the guitar and learn to play in a matter of seconds. The beginner levels aren't too difficult and provide instant gratification for hitting the correct notes.
    The game keeps the player hooked by constantly challenging them and rewarding them with new songs. While this may sound repetitive, it is effective in keeping the player interested.

    DESIGN - Level design was not a top priority for the makers of Guitar Hero II. Each level consists of a never ending fretboard with various notes that when hit correctly play out the given song. Not much emphasis is put into story-line either. You are merely put into the shoes of a rising rock and role superstar with your only objective being to shred.
    Progressing through the different levels of difficulty proves difficult. Hours of time must be devoted to building the muscle memory necessary to beat songs on Hard or Expert. While the levels don't change, the speed of the notes coming at you speeds up immensely, requiring the player to constantly up his or her game.
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    [January 14, 2008 01:08:54 AM]

    SUMMARY - In Guitar Hero II, you play lead guitar in a rising rock and roll band. The player progresses in the game by completing songs and thus attaining new gigs. Rather than using the standard controller, the player controls the actions of the game, i.e. hitting the right notes, with a physical guitar.

    GAMEPLAY - I think the most appealing aspect of guitar hero is the social interactions that take place during gameplay. You have the option to go head-to-head with a second player for guitar hero supremacy. The game is especially entertaining for bystanders who have never played before. The image of someone playing Guitar Hero is actually quite silly, yet somehow oddly attractive. The foolishness of the miniature guitars and neck straps just adds to the over-all allure of the game. Rock star antics while playing the guitar are encouraged throughout the game.
    My favorite part of Guitar Hero, besides the being a rockstar part, was all the positive reinforcement throughout the game. When you do good people clap and cheer, sometimes even demanding an encore. Unleashing your star power not only boosts your score but increases your approval of the audience as well.

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    Aenimus's Guitar Hero II (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 12 January, 2008

    Aenimus's opinion and rating for this game

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