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    meatloaf101's Guitar Hero 3 (360)

    [January 14, 2008 03:54:43 PM]
    In my second gameplaying experience, I felt a little more ready and confident in my playing abilities. I again sat down and felt the pressure to perform well infront of my friends, but I was definitely not as nervous as before. I flipped through the songs and noticed that many of the titles were much more familiar and I could almost hear the music playing in the back of my head.
    This time I chose to play "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns and Roses and proceeded to await my challenge. This song, unlike many others I had played, had many complicated sequences of notes and I was missing a lot of them. The song also lasted a very long time and by the end of it I was very tired. My eyes had been glued to the screen, practically unblinking for the entirety of the song. But I was not done, I was addicted. The chance at success so close in reach, I was determined to play, play again and defeat those whirring buttons!

    I think that the way in which the game makes you feel like you are actually in the band is very innovative and unique. It is cool to get in the zone and picture yourself on stage playing this song, hearing the cartoon croud cheering you on as you succeed. I also think it is definitely necessary to have the different levels of play. If there were only one or two different levels the game would get very boring very fast. But because the levels are much harder than the previous ones, you have the chance to become much, much better than most people, making the game even more addicting to play.
    I believe that the game does foster social interaction among players. I have definitely heard many conversations between people about their different experiences playing, and ambitions for further playing goals. The game also allows people to come together to play and have a unified task to compete and converse about. I know that there have been many times that my friends and I get together for the sole reason of playing the game.
    If I could change the game, I would instead of having the weird cartoon backgrounds, the actual music video play along with the song. I know that the point of having the cartoon band and croud does add to the interactive effect of the game, but I think that the actual music video for the song would be much more interesting to watch and make the game even more desirable to own.
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    [January 14, 2008 12:57:20 PM]
    summary: In the game Guitar Hero III, the player uses a plastic guitar with 5 differently colored buttons on it. on the screen you can choose between a number of different songs and then proceed to play them. on the screen differently colored buttons correspond to the different notes to play in order to play the song correctly. there are different levels in which you can play different songs. as the levels get increasingly more difficult the songs get faster and you are required to use more buttons.

    As I sat down to play the game my palms immediately became sweaty. I was surprised at how nervous I became. All of my friends around me were very experienced in this game, and as I was not experienced what-so-ever my nerves were getting to me.
    As I scrolled down the list of songs I attempted to find a familiar one so that hopefully I would not embarrass myself too much. Finally, I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night by The Rolling Stones, sweet success! As the song begins, my eyes become glued to the screen. I fear that if I look away for one second I will miss some crucial note. The notes start flying and I get in the zone. My fingers begin to get more accustomed to the differently colored buttons and get increasingly more comfortable in my playing environment.
    By the end of the song I felt the stress in my shoulders and arms finally release, although I had not even realized it was there before. I awaited my score and then I see it, 81%. Yes!!!! Not a complete embarassment, but definitely room for improvement.
    I felt that the game was very interesting to play and has a very addicting nature. I felt that it had very good flow, it never got dull or boring. Although, the images in the background of the game are not appealing at all. Most of them are relatively ugly and strange looking. The graphics are not very good and I felt they could have made the images much more visually stimulating. But other than that, I really liked the game and cannot wait to play again!
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    meatloaf101's Guitar Hero 3 (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 12 January, 2008

    meatloaf101's opinion and rating for this game

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