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    gmathis's Gears of War (360)

    [January 15, 2008 01:37:06 PM]
    Entry#2 (sorry It’s a bit late I misunderstood the assignment)

    After playing a substantial amount of Gears of War on co-op mode with my friend, we decided to do play against each other in a death match. We both have a good understanding of the controls and are fairly competent using our surroundings. After playing for about 2 hours against each other on almost every level available to us, Gears of War makes for very intense and exciting player versus player.

    I play many first person shooters almost all of which there is excessive trash talk. Surprisingly, there was not as much trash talk while playing Gears of War. The game required too much concentration and thinking for us to be talking down to each other. The only trash talk was when one of our characters was killed, after which you are able to curb stomp your opponent, most vulgar remakes came after this. It cannot be sure whether this game has less trash talk than others because I have yet to play it online where game play may be different.

    Unlike playing under the ideal conditions of during coop mode, my friend and had some problems facing off against each other. The main problem was that we had only one TV and Xbox 360 so we had to play on the same screen. Once we were familiar with the map the outcome of the game was decided by who was the best “screen looker.” This problem could easily be fixed, but it did dampen our fun. I’m looking forward to playing this game online where strategy and not screen looking are the most important factors. However, on levels that we had never played, going head to head was much more exciting than even Halo 3. Unlike Halo, you really feel attached to your character and dying makes you feel sick to your stomach. Gears of War is a great game and I’m so glad I rented it

    I feel Gears of War brings many new design elements to the shooter series, turning away from conventional “shoot’em up” genre. This game requires you to have cover, unlike most shooters were its helpful but not necessary. Other new design features I really enjoyed about this game were the ability to “blind fire”, shooting at the enemy without losing your cover. This really made the game better because it is a much more realistic approach to warfare unlike many shooters were your character transforms into a Rambo and rushes 5 opponents without even thinking about cover.

    My one complaint about Gears of War is in its level design. Understandably, many of the levels are dark to set the tone of the game. However, it seemed at some points that I was actually squinting just to find my way around. This made the game very draining and took a toll eyes physically. I feel the game could have used some work when it came to the lighting and some parts of the level design were confusing. Even though this game got my heart pounding, I still have never wanted a flashlight more in my entire life.

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    [January 13, 2008 05:10:36 PM]
    Gears of war is a third person shooter thats focuses less on running and gunning and more on finding cover and outflanking the enemy. In the game you control a former solider named Fenix who escapes from prison in order to kill the Locust who plague Earth.

    Last night my friend and I rented Gears of War and played all through the night. It was one of the scariest video games experiences I have ever had. Not expecting much, we at first were confused with the controls and game play. The controls seemed to be clunky and much different than the Halo control configuration I am familiar with. Once we learned how to effectively command our characters the game transformed into a beautifully designed adrenaline pumping shooter.

    Let me first note that I experienced this game with my best friend on a big screen TV with surround sound with all the lights down in the middle of the night. The reason the game was so frighting yet exciting was because of the interactions between you and the AI, the beautiful graphics, and of course, the weaponry.

    The game mechanics for Gears of War forces you to find cover immediately or be killed. This forces you to get up close and personal with you new best friend, a slab of concrete. Forced behind cover, you must decide when to pop up to start shooting the enemy at the risk of being shot at. This game play was very intense as I felt like I was risking my characters life every time I engaged an enemy. The AI responded tactically to our fire, taking cover and always trying to outflank us. This was a new type of shooting game that focuses more on strategy than other shooters, forcing my friend and I to make strategies of our own and creating very exciting play.

    The graphics of this game were gorgeous. Every character in the game was completely idealized, extremely buff and masculine. The setting was very dark and dreary keeping me on edgy as I walked by hanging corpses. Even the music drew me into the game play because the sharp but melancholy sounds always kept me guessing where enemies were. The graphics were so good that when my girlfriend came back home from her friends she asked "What movie are you guys watching?" My friend and I just laughed. The graphics of Gears of War are very well done and make you feel like you are in a movie.

    In Gears of War there is nothing more satisfying than cutting a Locust in half with a chainsaw. Gears of War has the best use of a chainsaw weapon than any other games I have played. The chainsaw is mounted on a machine gun and is the "melee weapon" for that particular weapon. The surprising nature of the game where grotesque Locust are constantly jumping out at you really enables to use this type of weapon like never before. Also, the cut screen when using the chainsaw on an enemy which splatters blood over your screen and vibrates the controller never gets old. This is just one example of the new types of weaponry in Gears War that makes the game very dynamic.

    Last nights experience with Gears of War was very frightening but also one of the most memorable gaming moments in my life. The interaction and game play was very new and exciting while the graphics and sound kept me engaged. The weaponry and boss fights kept me pumped, enabling me to play all night. My experience may be different than others because I played under ideal conditions, however, I would recommend this game to all my friends noting only that it should be played at night.
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    gmathis's Gears of War (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 13 January, 2008

    gmathis's opinion and rating for this game

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