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    grayskies's Jak and Daxter (PS2)

    [January 14, 2008 12:33:57 AM]
    Game log Entry # 2: Jak and Daxter

    Game play:
    As I played longer the game got a little more difficult, through the new places I explored. I continued to speak with people around me, and was still able to maintain focus on the game. I think this was because I was able to stop my character from moving if I wanted to so, and because I had that complete control of my character was able to feel comfortable to carry out a conversation at the same time.

    The game was still enjoyable, but not as much as it was in the beginning. I think this was because I felt I was doing the same thing over and over, like continually getting the orb like items and trying to find more of the same objects. At times I would become frustrated because I was not able to reach a certain item, or I had not yet figured out how to get to a certain location where the item was found. So in this way it made me enjoy my game-play a little less.


    The fact that the area in which my character can move in is pretty big and visually creative (because i was able to see landscape at a distance) makes this a great game for me, but there were limitations. Because I liked the aspect of moving anywhere I wanted to, it disappointed me when I realized that my character was only able to dive to a certain level of water depth that I found not to be deep enough. Also, at times I wished for more speed because, as the game progresses you can get more blue electrifying orb like items that will speed your character up. I really liked that my character gained speed but I didn't like that it was a limited amount of time before the speed wore out.

    The concept of time however was something that I did enjoy in the game design because it would turn into night and day visually on the screen through out your game-play time, even though it was done quite frequently it was an interesting aspect of the game. Another aspect I enjoyed was the different variation of location scenery, from the beach to the jungle, the location changed and yet it was still interesting to see which paths one could take to find an object. And when u did find an object, like a Power cell, the way game rewarded you visually was with the characters. Jak and Daxter would jump up and down as a little upbeat tempo would rise in a way to congratulate you for finding another object to collect. For a lot of the items you searched for, there was jumping involved, and I am not particularly a greater jumper in the game having fallen many times and having to retrace my steps, I appreciated the fact that in this game no matter how high of a distance I fell, I did not get hurt. However, when I did get attacked by a creature, it was three hits and then my character would get knocked out. Overall as the game continued I got tired of collecting objects, but maybe it was because I did not get far enough to enjoy all the aspects of the game and the different tasks I had to complete that seemed to get more difficult as the game progressed.
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    [January 13, 2008 11:42:24 PM]
    Game Log Entry# 1
    In the game Jak and Daxter you play the character named Jak who is followed around by a rodent-esque creature named Daxter that guides you in this one player journey. The purpose of the game is to try to find a way to change Daxter back into his normal form by going around and collecting items, and completing tasks that are given to you by people of the surrounding village, and in the process defeating some wandering creatures that get in your way.

    Game play:
    Although only having played the beginning of the game, I found this game to be enjoyable and not as difficult as I imagined. I found that I was able to play continuously while carrying on a conversation with my friends who were just sitting and watching me play, and still understand what was going on. As Jak I was able to choose where I wanted to go, and most of the time, you are following paths of objects you have to collect so it makes it easy to know where you have to go. I really enjoyed the freedom of wandering around the landscape of the game, from swimming to jumping high.

    Even though I was moving around as the character Jak, I felt more concerned and interested in what Daxter had to say, and in a way it overshadowed Jak as a character. It also didn't help that Jak did not speak at all and everything was either said by Daxter or another character.

    The game itself was fun to play because I felt that there was a lot of freedom of what and where my character could travel. And each task that Jak and Daxter had to complete involved allowing me as a player to figure out what I had to do to make my character complete the task. Even at the very beginning of the game( a lot of games give you a tutorial to tell you what each button does) this game allowed you to figure things out on your own, yet explained what important items meant. I like games that make you think for yourself, and allow you to explore your surroundings, and this game did that.
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    grayskies's Jak and Daxter (PS2)

    Current Status: Played occasionally

    GameLog started on: Sunday 13 January, 2008

    grayskies's opinion and rating for this game

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