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    DDiZZiBBL's Halo 3 (360)

    [January 14, 2008 01:56:09 AM]

    So, I ended up playing Halo 3 with my friends the whole weekend, since they really didn't give me a chance to play any other games. After playing for a while, I learned how to achieve double kills and killing sprees. This helped me to rank higher the more I played. Leveling up in Halo 3 is a very rewarding achievement, and is enough to get me addicted to the game as I move up the ranks. I still have that lofty goal to get a 10 kill streak, which I have not done yet in the game. The more I got used to controls, naturally I was able to put together a good amount of kills each game and be a productive player, meaning having more kills than deaths. There were times where I had bad teammates, which ruined my game experience. They would either betray our team by killing teammates, or simply not be able to kill anyone. Failure to communicate in a Team Deathmatch would often result in a loss for my team.

    In addition to playing online, I also played the single player campaign. Objectives were simple, which was usually just to eliminate all the enemies. There was nothing complicated to figure out in the beginning, as the game did not really have any puzzles. My job was to point and shoot at the enemies, and move on to the next stage. The game had an excellent presentation and it was nice to watch the cut-scenes. To me though, the science-fictional story of Halo 3 was not as amusing to me. I will probably finish the campaign someday, but there was a lot of repetitiveness as I was forced to backtrack levels a lot and end up killing the same enemies over and over again.


    In the mutliplayer part of Halo 3, the maps for the game play a big part of the game experience. Several levels were too big. I would end up walking around searching for an enemy for a long span, wondering where everyone is. One level had up to four floors, and it was annoying having to go up the air shoots and back down and not find anyone. I enjoyed the smaller maps which were good for 3 to 8 players. There was more action and it was more fast paced which kept me into the game and hungry for more kills, rather than exploring a large map.

    Each team deathmatch I played had different rules as well. The common rule for all games was the team with the most kills wins. Sometimes you were limited to only a shotgun and a sniper. This Team Deathmatch was called "Shotty-Sniper." This type of game forced players to approach the game differently and to think of a new strategy for each game. Therefore no match felt the same and repetitive. Another game was limited to only rocket launchers which was a very intense game and fun to kill multiple people at one time, but hard to survive more than 30 seconds.

    The game keeps the player interested by giving the player an opportunity to rank up. This is common in a lot of war games today, but since this game adds the element of science fiction, it is much different with the addition of alien weapons and vehicles. There are not too many other games where u can blast people with alien weapons. I guess what makes the game so fun is that there are so many strategies to each game, depending on the map and what weapons you are able to use.
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    [January 14, 2008 12:44:15 AM]

    Halo 3 is a First Person Shooter for the XBOX360 and is the conclusion of the Halo Trilogy. You control Spartan-117, the Master Chief, a fictional character part of the USNC. Spartan-117 is a very interesting character because he is the last of his kind. He is a super human soldier who runs faster, hits harder, and jumps higher than any normal human being. Your mission is simple, which is to protect and save humanity from the enemy alien civilization that calls them selves the Covenant. Your main weapon is you trusty assault rifle. But you are certainly not limited to that one gun. As you move along in the story, or play through several different multi-player matches, your arsenal can include pistols, rocket launchers, battle rifles, sniper rifles, grenades, lasers, shotguns, as well as alien weapons.


    This is the first Halo game that I have ever bought, and I am still very unfamiliar with the whole storyline. However, my friends and I have been playing the multi-player mode online using XBOX Live. Going online with a party of friends has been much more satisfying than playing the campaign mode by myself. With three other friends, we would play team deathmatches against other players online. We would do this all in the same room and on the same TV screen, which turns out to be a rather fun and exciting game experience. Using the mic, we can interact with our opponents as well. Most of the time we joked around with our opponents, and tried to insult them after each kill. Chatting in the game lobby was also fun, as we got to know our opponents better.

    At first, we were being matched up with high ranked players, and it was hard for me to keep up. It would get frustrating at times when the final score would be so lopsided. After a few social matches, we were finally matched up with players around our skill level. The team deathmathches were much more even, and our team started to win. I would have to agree with many people that Halo 3 is one of the best online multiplayer games. With competetive matches against different leveled opponents, each match was unique and had a different outcome. If my team kept winning, whether we went against a weak computer, or a low skilled opponent, we probably would not have had as much fun.
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    DDiZZiBBL's Halo 3 (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 10 January, 2008

    DDiZZiBBL's opinion and rating for this game

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