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    dtdrama's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    [January 14, 2008 05:51:46 PM]

    Continuing playing this game has been exciting! I started playing and could not stop and I must have played over an hour. The objectives in this game seem simple and the levels seem small, but by the time I complete one, much more time had passed than I thought.

    The size of this game is huge! There are dozens of levels and objectives that give this game a great amount of replay. I must have only tipped the surface of levels in this game, but every level I encountered was very unique and engaging.


    Super Mario is a great game overall. I found little complaints because the controls were great, the visuals were stunning, and there was always something new around the corner.

    Looking back at the levels, I thought the design for them was superb. The amazing thing about having the worlds be sphere shaped or otherwise gave the variety of levels a more exciting aspect. Instead of just the background changing in a 2-D side-scroller, the whole shape would change throughout the levels. The use of gravity effects in these levels were very important and kind of stepped out of the reality of the gravity on Earth. I found this was a one of a kind design with many more possibilities to come.

    The cartoon style and effects helped add to the magic of this game. This game of course is in no way realistic, but it allows the player to escape reality and become immersed in this wonderful universe. In some levels there were gigantic objects that are small in the real world and this gave an out of place feeling. The bright colors of everything gave a cartoony feeling as well as the way enemies are defeated. When I attack the enemies the die in a poof of clouds. I found this quite amusing the first time I saw it. This gave the feeling of a quirky world with no blood and guts.

    The one feature that was lacking in this game was the control the player had over the camera angles. For the most part the camera automatically goes where you want it to, but at the moments I wanted to control the camera to change angles, I couldn't. This was not very helpful and it was frustrating at times. I was able to see what I needed to see but didn't have the freedom to see what I wanted to see.

    This is a very enjoyable game with new types of design and gameplay that should entertain anyone for hours. I'm not putting this game down for a while.
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    [January 14, 2008 01:54:54 AM]

    In Super Mario Galaxy the player plays as Mario exploring galaxies, defeating enemies and collecting stars and star bits. When you collect enough stars you unlock new galaxies to explore and more enemies to defeat. The Object of the game is to collect stars and to defeat the final boss, Bowser, who kidnapped Princess Peach and this should bring everything back to normal.


    The game starts of with a cutscene where the hero, Mario must see Princess Peach. Immediately the player is thrown into play and must walk over to meet the princess at the castle. On the way to the castle, Bowser comes in his airship and takes the whole castle with Princess Peach inside. I tried to get to the castle in time but a cutscene started ending the gameplay. This was on purpose of course otherwise there would be no obvious objective to this game.

    Eventually I got knocked away into space far away and landed in an area which was a tutorial level where I could get used to the controls and learn some things about the game. The controls were simple and easy to figure out. Use the joystick to move and press A to jump. One very interesting control is the attack. Instead of just pressing another button on the controller, you just have to shake it and Mario does a spin attack. For some gamers this might be hard to adjust to, but I found it pretty east after twenty minutes of play.

    Playing as Mario is always very fun. Since his first debut in Donkey Kong and then later on NES, Mario has been a symbol of one of the first video game heroes. Getting another chance to play as Mario gives you that feeling of playing a historical character. Many of the other characters in the game are also from the older Mario games so it is another trip down memory lane.

    The appearance of new characters in this game is also very exciting. Princess Rosalina is a more emo version of Princess Peach, but she is a pleasant new face. The star-shaped creatures called Lumas are also fun to interact with, helping you along the way and floating around looking cute. There are many new enemies that I have never seen before such as the dino-Venus flytrap boss.

    Playing the game is very fun and engaging especially when the levels aren't on a flat plane. In fact most of the levels are shaped spherical or similar. This was a very neat feature that I had never seen used in a game like this before. I found it a little more tricky to get used to than playing on a flat plane. It is a new feature that I'm sure we will see much more in the future. This game has been very exciting and fun so far and I hope to continue enjoying it.
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    dtdrama's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 13 January, 2008

    dtdrama's opinion and rating for this game

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