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    mymy's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    [January 25, 2008 11:05:40 PM]
    Crono Trigger
    Second Hour


    This game keeps it interesting even after two hours. The story line continues after saving the princess by having Crono be accused of kidnapping the princess when he was the one who saved her! The trio saves Crono and escapes the castle together only to be cornered by the royal guards. Their only resort to escape the Chancellor’s clutches is by jumping into a portal, leading them yet into a different time period. Instead of going back into the past, the game keeps it fresh by taking our heroes into what looks like the future.

    The characters are more developed by this stage in the game. Crono is the one where everyone looks to for decisions on what the group should do. He doesn’t talk, making him become a part of us since we pick his responses. At the same time I just feel that he is the quite guy who would protect his friends. Princess Nadia is the stereotypical princess who wants to experience life beyond the royal kingdom. Her decisions are based on what would get her more “fun”. Lucca on the other hand is a foil to Nadia.


    Crono Trigger is a great game. It keeps me interested because of the storyline. It is simple yet addictive. I think what keeps this game interesting is time traveling because it allows many possibilities for a story line. With time traveling, we the player, can understand the game more by understanding the past and the future. Most games would just throw a history book at you about the past, but in this game you can actually go back into the past and get a feel of it yourself, instead of having to read it. The storyline keeps it interesting by adding humor to it instead of just making it a dry battle game. By having the non-playable characters, NPCs, become comic relief it lightens the mood, keeping it fun.

    What I didn’t like about this game is how it is hard to find leads. After completing an arc in the story line, it just leaves you without a clue on what to do next. I felt frustrated that I had to spend time talking to non-playable characters multiple times just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It is funny though because the solution was the simplest thing and it just went over my head.

    This is a game I look forward to completing because there are many things to be salvaged and learned from. This game is a great reminder that old games can easily be better than the more advance games that we have today. For my own game project I want to go back to the basics and just make things simple like the past but at the same time incorporate a modern feel to the game.

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    [January 14, 2008 02:16:49 AM]
    Crono Trigger
    First Hour


    "Crono Trigger" is a role playing game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES, where the main character, Crono, is a young teenager with flaming red hair. The adventure starts with Crono attending a fair where he meets a girl name “Marle”, who is actually Princess Nadia. Crono and Marle become testers for Lucca's new invention, the telepod. The telepod malfunctions, sending the trio back into the past where there was a war.


    Although the game lacks in graphics compared to today’s detailed animation, Crono Trigger makes up for that with an appealing storyline and game play. The story is the typical male hero saves the princess, yet it never fails to capture the player’s attention. Though what kept me playing this game was how the quickly everything progress. For example, the battle system, instead of encountering battles randomly then loading the battle screen, you can see the monsters on screen and you can choose to fight or avoid the battle. For a limited amount of space on the SNES, this game made it feel as if it were alive because monsters actually interact with each other. Aside from the battle system the story itself was going at a rapid pace. Which is great because games today make the dungeons long and tedious. Crono Trigger keeps it long enough to make you feel challenged but short enough that it doesn’t become a chore for a college student who doesn’t have enough time to enjoy an RPG.

    While playing Crono Trigger, a floor mate of mine came over. Normally a game would require your full wrapped attention. While I was playing Crono Trigger however, I was able to keep up a conversation with my floor mate as if I wasn’t playing a game at all. I felt relieved because he was also able to join in by watching me play without getting bored or angry that I was playing a game while talking to him. I feel that this is a plus for Crono Trigger because I don’t have to cut off my friends for a game.

    It is to early for me to decide whether this game lives up to it’s hype, but I can definitely see why this is considered a classic.

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    mymy's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 13 January, 2008

    mymy's opinion and rating for this game


    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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