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    Starlaughter's Pokémon Diamond (DS)

    [January 24, 2008 07:05:19 PM]
    Gameply #2-

    In my second hour of playing Pokemon Diamond I found I was getting slightly tired of playing the game. This is unusual because I really enjoy playing the game except it seemed (since I had beaten a gym leader recently) I was only fighting trainers and wild pokemon over and over. The most tedious part of the game is leveling up your pokemon. However, a new and fun feature is the "watch" you wear that shows you all sorts of things from how much your pokemon love you to the time to where the nearest berries are. I found in this last hour I have fed and battled with several of my pokemon enough that they are beggining to love me, which, as silly of a feature as it may be, gives a new sort of goal for those who are not as serious about making their pokemon intensely battle ready.

    A funny thing about playing is that the whole first goal is to defeat Team Galactica and free the legendary pokemon and the pokemon of the lakes. You beat the commanders then the leader, Cyrus, then the legendary pokemon itself. However you can catch the ledendary pokemon if you lower its HP and use a "master ball". I found it rather ironic that I got all the way up to this place in the game just to accidentally cause the pokemon to faint and not be able to catch it. I was very sad. However, if my Empoleon can beat the Dialga, then maybe I don't need it anyways.


    The design of this game is very cute. It is much more advanced than its predecessors. It shocked me when I first started playing this game how 3D it looked in comparison to Red or Silver or even Emerald version. You character is either male or female and it appears this way on the screen as a mini figure. However, the difference is that when you link with other players over the DS wifi you can see what kind of trainer you are ("ace trainer", "beautiful trainer", etc.). Though I have not figured out what constitutes getting these lables, it is sort of cool to have different images of your character. Another cool aspect is the battle graphics. Though they have not made it so the pokemon look as though they are getting hurt by the battle moves (and that would be a bit disturbing for younger audiences), you can now see many more moves such as the bubbles in bubble beam. Lastly, I found out some fun new features when you are linked with other pokemon players. In the trading room (sepparate from battle room) you can talk, trade, and even draw with other players. Drawing was fun, sort of like MS paint! I really enjoyed doing that and thought it was funny because it had absolutely nothing to do with pokemon whatsoever.
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    [January 14, 2008 03:55:33 PM]
    Summary: In this game, Pokemon Diamond, you journey throughout the towns near your "home" with creatures called Pokemon. You goal is to train your pokemon by honing their skills in battle against other trainer's pokemon and to gather and sight as many pokemon as possible in order to become a "pokemon master".

    Gameplay: The idea behind this game is very simple. You follow a very simple town map in order to get from one town to another to battle gym leaders and get badges. The unique part of this game is the pokemon themselves. They are cute and fierce and very unique looking themselves. The game creates a reality for these fictional creatures to live in and there are laws you must follow. Pokemon can faint and must be healed before they can battle again for example. Gaining money and buying items is another thing that is real world like yet stil fictional. The money comes from winning battles, which is the incentive to play.

    Gameplay: Though there have been many versions of this game, for me, this version is the most advanced i have seen yet. Of course there are new things added to each generation of any game, but compared to the GBcolor or pocket games, the 3D like graphics in the game and the details on the battle scenes are phenomenal. The music is the same as always, slightly annoying and repetetive yet still remeniscent of childhood memories. I loved playing the Pokemon games when I was younger, and now that I am older, I see how much more puzzling the game is. Before it was just train pokemon a bit, win a few battles, get maybe 4 badges and give up on it because it got too hard. Now the challenge is fun and much easier to appreciate.
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    Starlaughter's Pokémon Diamond (DS)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 14 January, 2008

    Starlaughter's opinion and rating for this game

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