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    Andrea's God of War (PS2)

    [January 14, 2008 02:43:25 PM]
    During the second 45 minutes of gameplay I find Kratos back in Athens and he sees his ultimate goal within arms reach, Ares destroying Athens. While in Athens I became more involved in the game, there were lots of puzzles and tons of button mashing.

    Though the Athens has become overrun with monsters and undead soldiers, the civilians don't want Kratos to help them, which make me feel more involved in Kratos' story. The civilians refer to Kratos as "monster" though he is ultimately trying to redeem himself for his past.

    I found the obstacles within Athens to be well designed and fairly challenging. Kratos' responsiveness makes the game very entertaining when coming up with acquiring new skills to kill you opponents.

    One of the most innovative and new things I noticed in God of War, was the camera placement during gameplay. I find that in most Playstation 2 games the designers allow players to control the camera angle using the right analog stick or any of the R or L buttons, but this game uses the camera to prompt players in specific directions which eliminates the need for the player to control the camera.

    Another aspect of the game I noticed, were the elaborate level designs, not only does the game involve effective killing techniques, but puzzles are also placed throughout the levels to keep make the game even more difficult. By also allowing players to select the degree of difficulty, the games possibilities become even greater.

    The smooth graphics, very responsive main character, and wide range of enemies to test your skills on allow this game to be very fun and involving.
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    [January 14, 2008 01:41:43 PM]
    God of War is a hack and slash action adventure game set in ancient Greece where Kratos, the main character, has been sent on one final mission from the Gods, defeat Ares God of War.

    Throughout the first 45 minutes of playing God of War I found the game to be very entertaining. The music, excellent graphics, and tense atmosphere of the game really pulled me in right away.

    As I forged my way through the first level I became wrapped up in the Kratos' story. Kratos is plagued by the horrors of his past, of which I do not know the details quite yet, but you find Kratos has a soft spot for women and children.

    After defeating the first boss, a hydra, I come to realize that this game is going to become increasingly violent, the hydra's heads explode, which makes me wonder more about Kratos' past and why he has to do this final mission. I can't wait to play more.
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    Andrea's God of War (PS2)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 14 January, 2008

    Andrea's opinion and rating for this game

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