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    cberg1's BioShock (360)

    [January 14, 2008 05:18:27 PM]
    Bioshock: Log #2

    Gameplay: As before, the game continues to keep me on the edge of my seat. For some reason prior to playing this game I had the misconception that it would be cartoony and silly, judging from the aqua man in an underwater drilling suit on the cover of the game, but after playing it for 2 and a half hours I realize that I was under a huge misconception. I like the controls of the game because they are similar to other first person shooters, however I find myself excessively spamming the E button, which is used to open and close objects as well as pick up items.
    It seems like there are items everywhere and is a pain to run around every single room clicking the E button. I feel that if I miss an item, I will be at a disadvantage, and therefore have to spend a lot of my timing running alongside every side of the wall and searching all the corners of the rooms. One of the things that makes this game appealing, along with many other new FPS, is the physics engine the game uses. Most people like being able to pick up objects in the room (as seen in Bioshock) and throw them at enemies, causing explosions and intense pain to enemies.

    Wow, this game has some great dynamics to it. Instead of mindlessly running around and killing monsters as seen in many other first person shooters, Bioshock makes the player think and use his or her surroundings to solve puzzles to further advance in the game. This gives the game appeal to those who enjoy aiming and firing, as well as cunning and problem solving. One instance of this that I came across during my travels, was finding a way to break into a dentist office that had been sealed off by a leakage of water that had frozen into ice. I couldn't hack and slash my way through with a wrench as I expected, but instead had to use my pyrotechnic powers to melt through the ice. Another aspect that I enjoy about this game is the element of surprise it has. One minute I will be reading up on a new skill that I have just gained and then turn around to find a crazed dentist with a drill and scalpel 1 foot away from me.

    Bioshock does a really good job using the surrounding elements to enhance the effect of the game. For instance, while in the frozen over dentist office, an icy haze floods the room from above, obscuring everything from view. The next thing I know, several monsters emerge from the mist causing me to flinch into convulsion. The player stays interested because surprising new events like this are always happening, and the story continues to unfold, revealing new sadists for the player to destroy.
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    [January 14, 2008 02:23:26 PM]
    Bioshock Game Log: First impressions after playing and starting the game for the first time.

    Summary: Bioshock is a first person shooter that begins its story with the user swimming amidst a plain crash in the middle of an ocean. The user's intuition is to swim away from the wreckage towards a partially submerged building in the ocean. Upon entering the building, the user goes down an elevator into an isolated city that was developed during the 1950's and 60's. The user soon finds out that the city's inhabitants have become infected by some sort of scientifically developed biological disease and must fight his way through the city to complete various objectives. The user can choose between various guns that he finds within the city, or use an injected steroid to cast magic like spells.

    From the moment I started playing this game I loved it. Right at the get-go I was thrown into action, having to swim my way through a burning pile of wreckage. The story is great, because it is unique and interesting. Every detail within the city is concurrent with the idea that the city was developed during the 1960's; examples of this include the revolver pistols, tommy-guns, baby carriages, and ominous voices coming from the radio. Another thing that I really enjoy about the game so far, is how engaging it is. Exploring a partially abandoned underwater city with zombie like creatures around every corner keeps me scared and on my toes, but I like it!
    At this point I am still a bit confused as to where this game is going. My character is exploring a hostile city filled with sadistic creatures, when what he should be doing is going back to the surface and waiting for a rescue boat. This leads me to believe that my character is one of two things: either really stupid, or a badass with no fear. At intense moments of the game I find myself wishing I can turn back, but the plot keeps moving me forward.

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    cberg1's BioShock (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 14 January, 2008

    cberg1's opinion and rating for this game

    Intensely great

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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