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    scatfist's Gears of War (360)

    [January 15, 2008 02:39:26 AM]

    One thing about the game which I found took away from the total awesomeness of the game is the lack of full control of the character. The controls were not as accurate as they could have been. I felt as if the character was doing random dodges and climbing over things I didn't want him to which in turn led to my virtual demise at times.

    An aspect of the game which makes it unique is that the concept of "cover" is essential to winning. In order to get past almost all parts of this game, you must take cover behind anything and everything possible in order to get to the next checkpoint. This makes gameplay entirely different than if it were not centered around cover by changing the strategy used to get from place to place and cover to cover.

    Game Design:

    Gears has many aspects which make it extremely appealing to the user. One such thing would be the amount of pure bloody gore used. When you get a headshot, for example, the skull explodes very graphically and blood sprays everywhere with other bits and pieces of cranium visible. Also, the melee attack with the assault rifle is a chain-saw bayonet which cinematically displays your character slicing through the body of the attacker which temporarily sprays realistic blood all over the screen. This accentuated use of gore and violence adds to the interest of the game in pretty much all males playing the game. This gives the game a more "badass" quality and thus, more pre-pubescent boys to full grown men want to play it.

    The game has three different difficulty settings which enables users of all levels of gaming to enjoy the game to its fullest. The hardest setting is extremely difficult which gives the gamer something to work towards and is always challenged.

    The graphics are stunning and it defintely adds to the game a lot. It may not be too realistic in things such as the size of the charaters, but the gore and surroundings are delicious.
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    [January 15, 2008 02:16:24 AM]

    Basically, Gears of War is about the near future in which Earth has been invaded by a force of monsters which emerge from underground. These invaders, called "Locust", continue to annihilate most of the human race and destroy most civilization. The user plays a soldier named Marcus Fenix who, along with his squad, attempts to destroy the underground network of tunnels in which the locusts dwell and thereby rid the earth of them once and for all.


    From the moment I began playing, I was enthralled by the storyline and soon became engulfed in it as I began to play more. Soon enough, more and more epic shit was happening which made it so I couldn't stop playing because I wanted to know whether the resonator would actually destroy the locusts' civilization. The storyline is definitely essential to the game's success and it's clearly evident why once you start playing it.

    The game at first was nothing more than a shooter, but as the game went on, I found that parts of it were actually scary. I was actually scared to go around corners for fear of radioactive wretches popping out and screeching before jumping and killing me. This fact about the game made it much more appealing than just any ordinary shooter because it actually had my heart-rate up and made me literally jump multiple times when something such as the lights suddenly went out and eerie creature noises filled the room. This dark aspect to the game definitely gave the game a more edge of your seat quality.

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    scatfist's Gears of War (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 14 January, 2008

    scatfist's opinion and rating for this game

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