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    Kareen's BioShock (360)

    [January 15, 2008 03:10:25 AM]

    The game BioShock is a first-person shooter, role-playing game. It is set in an underwater city (Rapture) during 1960. It consist of going through different levels in which the player upgrades and strengthens their weapons and plasmids. During the game the player (character [Jack]) is helping seek revenge for a stranger's murdered family.


    From the very beginning of the game, I was scared. Throughout the game the player goes from location to locations that are practically abandoned, with the exception of some scary-looking characters (Splicers) looking to kill the playing character, Jack. As I was heading from one place to the other, I had to keep a lookout for Splicers, but they still managed to pop out at the most random times and get my heart racing. The setting of the game is very cold and horrific.
    The story and narrative progression of the game is very good. One of the main character's in the game is Andrew Ryan- ruler and developer of Rapture. Throughout the course of the game one learns more about Andrew Ryan, the development of the city, what went wrong in the city, and other characters.



    The second time around I was obviously more familiar with how everything worked. I did not become as jumpy as I had the first time playing. I still however felt the same level of excitement in the game. As I kept progressing from one level to the other, the Splicers became stronger and more difficult to kill. Listening to audio diary entries of some of the victims is essential in the development of the story and to be able to get certain codes that are needed on some levels, I realized this playing the second time around.
    I enjoyed playing this game a lot. It is one of the first video games I’ve played. I found it to be interesting and fun to play. It is a very exciting game in the sense that you don't know when something or someone is going to appear and try to kill you. The fact that it also has a very good story only adds more to the game as a whole. The story has some very interesting twists, along with a very interesting plot point. I particularly enjoyed the story twisters. It is a one-player game, but it's still very fun to play with your friends as viewers, because they can enjoy the story just as well.


    The game does a good job at keeping the player interested by setting goals. Although there is one main goal in the game, throughout the course of the game there are minor goals. These goals help strengthen Jack and his weapons, plasmids, and give hints. As previously mentioned, the audio diaries are the story being told from the perspective of a victim. They help develop the plot, and its understanding.

    The tone of the gameworld is eerie. All of locations have corpses (some [disturbingly] mutilated) lying about. The are blood spills and splattering on walls, furniture, plants, etc. Also lying about are knives, scissors, scalpels, guns, and razors. There are points in the game where 50’s music such as jazz and orchestra begins to play. This music is usually very enjoyable, except when set in the dark environment that the game is. The bots also have a very large influence in the tone setting. There are times when one comes across characters that are psycho and may be talking to themselves, tending to a toy baby, dancing, or mutilating a corpse. For someone who likes horror and suspense, this can be a very enjoyable game.

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    Kareen's BioShock (360)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 14 January, 2008

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 15 January, 2008

    Kareen's opinion and rating for this game

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