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    eatfffire's Halo:Combat Evolved (PC)

    [January 15, 2008 02:36:52 AM]
    Game Log#1

    Halo: Combat Evolved is a first person shooter where the player assumes the role of a super human soldier thrown into an interstellar war between a collection of alien races and humans. The game has a wide variety of weapons and terrain that the player can use to create battle strategies. The goal of the game is to attempt to defeat the enemy on an unknown space installation and try to unravel the secret of the "Halo" .

    Game Play
    Right from the beginning the player is shown a devastating attack on his comrades that he must somehow repel. As soon as I received my first weapon I became hooked on the game play of Halo. I survived intense wave after wave of aliens and explosions. Soldiers were dying in the setting while I kept pushing on to combat the opposing force. The action kept me interested in the game long enough for the story to become interesting enough for me to continue playing.

    Progression through the levels taught me that I had to worry about running out of rounds in my current clip, having my shield deplete, and getting a plasma grenade attached to my helmet. Further complexity was added when new weapons were introduced to me. I had to decide on which to take with me since I am only allowed to carry two. Each was as different as they were powerful. Each weapon possessed a unique advantage while providing a disadvantage as well. Deciding among weapons, managing shields, and attacking enemies allowed for dullness to be absent from this game.

    Game Log#2

    Game Play
    Not too much deviated from the beginning, a little repetitive but not to the point where i feel I'm drowning in a sea of "sameness". The aliens kept coming at different rates, but it was still fun taking them out. As I continued through the levels, more weapons and vehicles were made available to me. This allowed me to interact with the computer controlled allies in a new way. A vehicle that could accommodate passengers would increase its firepower from my allies. This added a need for me to care for my fellow soldiers since they increased my offensive capabilities. Other vehicles allowed me to blow up enormous structures and plow over enemies.

    Mysteries were also brought up which increased my interest to finish the game. When an important part of the plot and mystery of the game was to be explained, a cinematic scene would occur. This increased the reality of the game to me. By making it more dramatic, I was more interested in immersing myself in the game. The secrets and plot twists added more enemies which led to an incredibly action filled climax against them.

    What makes this game strong is a mixture of its story and game play.

    Right off the bat, the story will attract many sci fi or action oriented players. The story is further developed as the player progresses through the levels. In small increments the secrets and plot twists are revealed which will leave the player wanting to finish the game in hopes of finding out if humanity will survive or will finally lose the uphill battle. The music and cinematic sequences further add to the "insperational-last ditch" mood of the story. The music is suspenseful when there is a drastic plot twist and blood pumping when the player is on a high of flying lead and exploding shards of metal.

    The game play adds strategy to the interesting story line.The player carries two weapons, 2 types of grenades (plasma and frag),and must manage a shielding system. The two arms the player carries can come from human or alien technology. Each of the weapons have drastic drawbacks and advantages. The player creates his own individual style in which to combat opposing forces. The shielding system is essential the players health meter. It can withstand a certain amount of force before it completely gives and leaves the player vulnerable. It is the players task to manage the time in which he is exposed to enemy fire. Vehicles further add to the complexity of the game by allowing the player to pilot them in hopes of defeating the enemy faster. Both alien and human technologies are available to the player allowing a varied gameplay experience to everyone.

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    eatfffire's Halo:Combat Evolved (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 15 January, 2008

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