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    haruki's Trauma Center: Under the Knife (DS)

    [January 15, 2008 02:29:52 AM]
    Gameplay #2:

    I'm starting to get the hang of controlling the pen in the DS console. At times I get a little annoyed, wishing the game would give me more time to finish the stages. It never fails to shock me every time something new, such as more hidden glass shards are "surprising discovered" when I thought I was just about done. Usually this occurs with me having only 30 or so seconds left on the clock. Not amusing, considering I'm still quite a beginner.

    I was initially annoyed at the replacement nurse, Angie Thompson, for a while, finding her constant scolding to be insulting to me (Dr. Stile) whenever I make a fault. A lot is because I can relate to Dr. Stiles, who is new into the full-career field as a doctor, and generally hasn't gotten used to the pressure and responsibilities yet. Despite his very apparent dorkiness, I couldn't help but admire the potential that is foreseen within him when one of the veteran doctors revealed Stile's "Healing Touch" gift, enabling him to have concentration so great, that time seems to stop.


    I definitely enjoy the art style of Trauma Center. Whoever designed the characters deserves a high-five. It's drawn in my favorite anime-esque style. The colors are vibrant, giving an exciting mood to the overall environment of the game.

    Sometimes during the operations, the game would demand me to make very precise cuts along the dot. I find the gameplay frustrating at times because it'll take me several attempts to get what I initially thought was a fine incision, to turn out into a "miss" and ends with me sucking up a bloody mess with not much time left. It also doesn't help, but is a really good added effect, when the nurse occasionally cries of "DOCTOR!!!" or "WHAT IS THAT!" to freak me out and drop my DS pen. But whenever I succeed an operation, there is a nice sense of accomplishment, considering that I am technically saving people's lives.

    Usually, after I barely pass a stage in the operating room, there comes a breather for a cut scene in the story. Those are the moments I await for, being more of a person who plays games for the story and art rather than the action. The storyline at the moment is probably also the only drive that's keeping me going through the exponentially hard levels. Each cut scene adds another drama and twist into the characters and their personal stories, making you more curious to find out more. Oh...they are smart for making the story exciting. You have to play to find out.
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    [January 15, 2008 01:48:02 AM]

    In Trauma Center: Under the Knife, you play as Dr. Derek Stiles, a young upcoming surgeon who has just completed his residency training at Hope Hospital. Enter the operation room, with the new young and beautiful nurse, Angie Thompson, to face precision-based operations where your DS pen will determine the fate of life and death to your patients.


    Having only sampled a little bit of the Wii version of Trauma Center (Trauma Center: New Blood), I was a bit surprised as to how the game was still able to keep up its enthralling entertainment and dramatic, yet upbeat story-line. The game runs on still pictures to portray their story-line, but it is made up with detailed artwork and character designs. I also couldn't help but notice the upbeat and hip background music that slightly reminded me of music that's commonly heard in a small casual coffee shop.

    Trauma Center starts off with Derek Stiles newly emerging into a full-time doctor. The first two or three stages were basically tutorials set within the game to teach you the tools within the operation room. You are guided by Mary Fulton, an old-time nurse who has basically acted as a guiding mother-figure to the hospital. She basically teaches you the jist of the sequence of what to do with the appropriate tools. It's NOT good to cut through the patient with the knife BEFORE disinfecting the patient. I have learned the hard way. So PAY ATTENTION! I did feel abandoned, sympathizing with Stile's reaction when she transferred to another hospital. What has happened to my guiding angel?

    Although the first two tutorial stages were, dare I say, easy, it was still frustrating that for an hour of game play, I never achieved anything higher than "Rank C" through the past eight stages so far.

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    haruki's Trauma Center: Under the Knife (DS)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 15 January, 2008

    haruki's opinion and rating for this game

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