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    luxemburgo321's Fifa World Cup 2006 (360)

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    luxemburgo321's Fifa World Cup 2006 (360)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 15 January, 2008

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 6 February, 2008

    luxemburgo321's opinion and rating for this game

    SUMMARY My friends were kind enough to allow me to manage a season of Liverpool in Fifa 07, a game I do not own. There are two related objects to the game. One is two earn money by investing with a sponsor which will give bonus money to your club should you manage the team to victory in various levels of European Football Leagues. The other objective is the actual play and video game interaction of winning the matches. GAMEPLAY Fifa 07 has made me realize that the European Soccer League is the highest level of athletic competition in the world. The game does an extremely good job in representing the skills and strengths of certain clubs and players. My star player has an absolute boot for a leg; the game inspired me to look up his highlight video on youtube. I got a bit distracted and looked up other star players I noticed on other teams and in this way got to know a bit about the culture and respect Europeans have for their clubs. The beauty of the game is in its extremely intricate design. As I said, the game focuses of the strengths of individual players and clubs. You are allowed to choose certain formations which will highlight certain players, or use certain moves that are affective with other players. As I mentioned Steven Gerrard has quite a boot. After the first session (45 minutes or so), I watched his video among other star players, I noticed he had a particular skill of being able to put the ball in the goal from particularly long range distances. While shooting, there is a mechanic that gauges how much power you are putting into a kick. During the second session, I scored a lot more goals with Gerrard, all the way to the title, and I earned that bonus from the banks. It made me feel pretty damn good. This game is amazing. Except one thing, the music isn’t very good. And the announcers are pretty fairly annoying British guys, I prefer Michaels and Madden. DESIGN The design of the game is both complex and simple. There are so many aspects which are factored into play. Each players speed, attacking ability, defensive ability, endurance, et cetera. Each teams defensive/attacking ability, et cetera. Most impressively they all seem to be accurately represented and predictable before the match. As well for the manager there are many options. There can be trades and investments; when you choose a manager there are various bonuses for different accomplishments. The simple part of the games design is the various options available for interactive play. Essentially it is either versus mode or manager mode. The console I played on was pretty sweet (xbox 360) because we were able to listen to a playlist on my march to the championship which was convenient since the announcers were so annoying.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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