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    jeliasko's Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)

    [January 15, 2008 04:35:06 AM]
    The game is continuing to get more and more frustrating. The main commands, jumping and running have now been mastered, both having been necessary to progress past even some of the easier levels. On top of that, maneuvers have increased to hanging onto hooks, jumping from barrel to barrel, swimming, climbing rope and flying. These required abilities alternate to keep the game interesting and each sublevel of each area includes numerous tightspots that can hang the player up requiring countless attempts before a success. The obstacles are closer together, more frequent and come at you faster. The creativity of the cartoon characters make them still fun to play with and the slowly increasing completion percentage visable at each save screen really hook the player and keeps them curious about future areas/levels. The save points half way through each level have become more and more crucial. Also, my partner and I have figured out to sustain our survival by returning to a previous level which offers extra life balloons early in the level, securing the extra lives and then quiting the level using the start and select buttons.

    The characters are all entertaining, obscure and loveable creatures. They are all 3D animations in a two-dimensional world, however, they standout colorfully and run through wonderfully illustrated lush plants, sticky goo, and molten lava all pressed against an intriguing and endless backdrop. The colors and animations in the game are one of its most positive attributes. Another fun element of gameplay is the map laden with sublevels. Traversing numerous environments keeps the game fresh while leaving the challenger constantly begging for new scenery. The numerous bonus rounds hidden throughout the levels add to the excitement of the exploration. It is always neccesary to get that extra distance during a jump which make the coordination of movements within the game precise and challenging.
    The numerous yet reoccuring enemy characters allow you to recognize and familiarize them and create a sort of relationship with them as well as the main characters. The gameplay is fun and yet simple, the game is intriguing and captures the players curiosity and the design is attractive and adds to the overall effect of the game.
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    [January 15, 2008 02:46:04 AM]
    The two playable characters in the sequel to the first remake of the classic Nintendo story of Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong II: Diddy Kong's Quest, are a male and female monkey named Diddy and Dixie. They follow each other around snd the second player is retrieved from prize barrels. The game kicks off on a pirate ship and you are informed via a floating scroll that lovable old Donkey Kong has been kidnapped by the evil Kaptain K. Rool. You must then bounce, jump and fly your way through a seemingly endless collection of worlds including various mini-levels and assorted "bonus huts" along the way. Various types of terrain include a ship, volcano, amusement park, marsh, and a bee hive to mention a few. Animal friends including a rhinoceros, spider, swordfish, parrot and a snake help guide you through levels filled with barrels and enemies.. more to be continued as game progress is made.

    Even once basic skills such as jumping and running are mastered, gameplay is still relatively tense because falling of a ledge or accidentally hopping into an opponent such as a jumping alligator or buzzing bumble bee turns out to be quite probable and this game requires concentration and careful control. Challenging opponents is relatively simple, most can be defeated by jumping directly on top of them, but amusing sound effects such as a cartoonish bouncing noise and a yelp of "ARGGH" keep this way of fighting enemies amusing. The storyline is simple and easy to follow, we trust that magic scroll and perilously battle through endless levels in order to rescue the well-loved DK (Donkey Kong). The characters are created with relatively pleasing 3d graphics, especially for the early SNES console.

    One thing I especially liked about the game is the companion mode of the two player mode. Although one player is required to wait while the other is active, the ability to toggle back and forth from controller to spectator by use of the select button make it a fun tag-team activity. Each player is motivated to do his/her best to sustain the life of the team and the fact that each controller is dedicated to either Diddy or Dixie make it easy to bond with the monkey. My friend and I have started the game together and are both still motivated at this point to progress further through the levels..
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    jeliasko's Donkey Kong Country 2 (SNES)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 15 January, 2008

    jeliasko's opinion and rating for this game

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