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    lvargas's 3D pinballs (PC)

    [January 15, 2008 03:57:00 AM]

    During the second 45 minutes of play I was a bit more into the game because I wanted to beat the high score like usual. I felt like in order to beat the high score I needed to concentrate on the game completely. When I would lose a ball I would get a bit upset because it means I am becoming further from achieving my goal. When I am playing with other people or by myself I still feel like I need to concentrate and my competitiveness does not go away. When I play against someone else I am a bit more competitive.
    I like the fact that the player has to earn his or her rank they cannot just choose it like in other games. The player starts off with being a cadet and has to work their way up is what makes the game interesting. The player might feel compelled to reach a higher rank. Playing 3D pinball is fun the player gets to pretend they are a space cadet fulfilling missions. There is almost never a dull moment playing the game because you never know where the ball is going to go.
    While I played the game my roommate tried having a conversation with me but I was to busy concentrating on the game. It was funny because it reminded me of being at home and playing the game. My sister would do the same thing as my roommate and then she realized that while I am playing there is no use trying to talk to me because all you will get are one word answers. If it is something really important though I pause the game and listen to the people trying to get my attention.


    The design of the 3D pinball is not one of the most sophisticated designs but it seems to work. I think the reason I like the game is because it is a simply game to understand. The game plays music to entertain the player while playing the game. It also lights up when a target is hit by the pinball. The levels in the game are a bit different but the background of the game does not change. Although the background of the game does not change the game does have different tricks and obstacles in different levels.
    The game introduces challenges through giving the player a limited number of pinballs. The pinball sometimes does not go where the player wants it to go so it delays the mission given. Once the player reaches a higher level there are more wormholes and the ball travels faster which could cause the player to lose the pinball. It keeps the players attention because it is fairly simple and yet the outcome is unpredictable. I don’t think that the game fosters a social interaction among players because the players have to wait their turn. The player alternate there turn at pinball. It is also difficult to interact because if the player wants to get a high score they need to pay attention to the game.

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    [January 15, 2008 02:33:52 AM]

    In the computer game 3D Pinball for Windows- Space Cadet there are nine levels or ranks. The ranks start from the lowest being a cadet to the highest being a fleet admiral. In 3D pinball there are missions the players have to complete in order to earn points, more pinballs and to get to another rank. The game starts with three pinballs and the player being a cadet. The point of the game is to ascend to fleet general and earn as many points as possible.


    My computer came with the 3D Pinball game and I decided to try it out. I figured it should be like pinball so I began playing it. When I first started to play the game I was like this is fun. As the points began to get higher I began to get more into the game. I would get frustrated when I would miss a shot and cause the ball to drop in between the levers. This would cause me to lose a ball and given that we are only given three balls it would lessen my chances of getting a higher rank and a higher score.
    While playing the game I would really pay attention to it and sometimes ignore the people trying to communicate with me. I would be determined to beat the previous high score. I am a competitive person so every new game I would play I would want to beat the high score. The game allows the players to compete against each other so I would sometimes play with my sister and try to beat her score. Although the players are playing against each other they also have a chance to beat the high score of the game. Playing against my sister was very interesting because she can be competitive as well so we were both trying our best to win.
    I found the game fun to play because it had some fiction to it. The missions are outer space missions and as the player ranks the missions become harder. At one point there are black holes that can suck the ball in and spit it out anywhere. You had to be prepared for the ball to hit you from anywhere. That’s also what made the game exciting the fact that it was different every time. Once you started a new game you never knew what the out come was going to be.
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    lvargas's 3D pinballs (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 1 December, 2006

    lvargas's opinion and rating for this game

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