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    dawndawn's Rez (DC)

    [January 19, 2008 10:33:20 PM]
    Game log #2

    -Game play:
    After writing the first game log, and having a cigarette, I was feeling calmer and more ready to take on"Rez." At this point, I had gotten to the 3rd area, and the speed of the game had intensified. "Rez" is definitely a stress reliever in the sense that it is stressful in itself. The virtual world around my character changed colors more rapidly and became a bit more confusing as enemies started to not only appear in the distance, but from all sides, next to, under and from behind. This addition was fun, in the sense that more difficulty had been added.
    After the first few area's a "narrative progression" started to appear. While the game just kind of flings you into a virtual world filled with enemy's, music and colors, as the game continues you start to learn that killing as many enemies you can, as fast as you can, unlocks more worlds you can play. The point is to build your skill levels so you can take on more and more at once. From what I could gather, the story line is the basic, travel through worlds, kill the enemy, beat the boss, to find the key to new worlds with different shapes, colors and sounds.
    The game play is definitely fun. I enjoyed the new enemies that were attached together in dragon formation and the way overdrive just obliterated the enemies in one astounding hit, producing an epic concert orchestra sound at the same time. Also, the explosions and such from hitting the enemy felt more dramatic and visually pleasing.

    A particular design element of "Rez" that made it especially fun, or "good," was the fact that it was 3 dimensional, yet unrealistic, in comparison to "our real world." It was technologically advanced looking, for it's time period of course," kind of like traveling through the BIOS system of your PC. Since I'm a girl who like bright colors, I of course loved the grid lines and shapes in hot pinks, white, bright blues and lime greens. The purples were a nice add as well.
    The game creates conflict by making the enemies harder and harder to lock on to. It also starts to introduce enemies from different directions, which confuses you at first, but once you get it, the added difficulty is fun. Also, I noticed that as I progressed through worlds or "areas" within the game, it took more than one shot to kill enemies, or to gain the access key, while speeding up traveling time.
    The tone of the game is very high tension adreniline rush, for me. I suppose the speed, the matrix style world, and the fast oncoming enemies induce this tone of high tension. You have free time to rest between levels, to enjoy the visuals and a "chiller" beat, but not much. Again, you are rushed through the world and it is very fast pace at times. It can be a little hard to handle, but I liked it.
    All in all, the game was simple by modern standards, but the speed and the sounds made it interesting. It did not utilize realistic artistry, but kept to a basic generic style, with pumped up pace, and music coordination. My verdict: Simple, sweet, to the point, and fun.

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    [January 19, 2008 10:06:24 PM]
    Game log Entry #1

    "Rez" is composed primarily of a 3 dimensional world that circles around the main character like Mario Galaxy. The character that you control is shaped like a person, but will level down once hit by the flying enemy's coming at you. Once you level down the shape of your character will change into an orb. When you hit the enemy's you can gain experience or overdrive experience, which allows you to hit all enemy's on the screen. Hitting the blue orb, or the "password key" will take you to the next level in the area you are playing. The speed of the virtual world around you varies according to how far you are in the game. What makes this game particularly interesting, is the fact that there is a base beat for each level, and when you hit enemies, or even just lock on to them, electronic music corresponds to each button press. The game is visually pleasing with it's "matrix" style world, highlighted geometric shapes that change with each area. Each area has 9 levels, and once completed you have to beat a boss to get to the next area.

    -Game play:
    I started playing this game at Pete's (a good friend's) house. I had a full stomach and was a little sick when I started playing, but the high tension beats and the fast pace of the game instantly caught my attention and made me feel better. The game seemed to induce a sort of adrenalin rush, which is cool. Unlike Rock Band or Guitar Hero, I felt like I had more of purpose, like I had to beat this or else my character would really die and all hope for a peaceful digital matrix world with awesome electronic music would be lost forever, instead of just lower in status or lose fans, or something. The speed at which I moved through the world was equivalent to what I think flying a fighter plane through a sky full of rockets would be like. The virtual world itself was highlighted in electric blue, pink, lime green, brilliant white, against black, which is very different to the less turbulent colors of everyday life.
    The character I played really had no defining aspects except for the fact that it was shaped like a human, and downgraded to an orb when hit. It also became more solid when I was hit less (or at all) for a long period of time. I liked this because rather than focusing on a stereotypical "hero" with definable morals, etc., I got a more industrial fighting machine that seemed more efficient and industrial, and definitely more applicable to different types of people. It was "open" to imagination I guess.
    The Flow of the game was very smooth. Once you killed one enemy, more came up at the right time, so that you could make more intricate sounds with the button action. Yet, if you missed, it sucked because there would seem to be a pause in the melody.
    The game was definitely high tension, and I really needed a cigarette after the area 2 boss. My thumb started to hurt after a while, because I was so pumped up, and was obviously hitting the buttons really hard with my pent up energy. Overall, the game was fun, visually pleasing, a definite work out, and made me feel like going to a rave. Most games don't make me appreciate music as much as Rez, which I guess is significant in the idea that there was more to the game than just harmless fun. There was... I guess, "meaning" .. maybe, if your like me.
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    dawndawn's Rez (DC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 19 January, 2008

    dawndawn's opinion and rating for this game

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