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    jrunnoe's Wii Play (Wii)

    [January 23, 2008 05:18:14 PM]
    Wii Play is a simple yet fun set of easy games that can be played in single or multiplayer. You use a controller with a sensor in it to control the player in the game and play against AI or your friends. Some of the games also use a separate part of the controller that you can plug in. This gives you more control options.

    In my first session playing I noticed I was frustrated a lot of the time. It is actually very difficult to control the sensor controller because the response is so delicate and I found a lot of the time I was accidentally pointing off the screen and moving way to much. In fishing I found it difficult to keep the fishing hook in one place and I scared off most of the fish by splashing around too much. After some practice I gained more control. However, I found it was frustrating to learn to use the controller.

    I noticed that there is no story or complex environment like many other games provide. Wii Play is vastly different from that. The aim is in no way realism. In any game with a crowd, the people are heads on stumps that bob up and down. The point of the game is clearly to have fun and not to try to imitate real life. I found that this type of goal is ideal for a video game because the whole point of playing is to enjoy your self. Realism isn't always the most enjoyable thing and Wii realized that.

    I found that Wii Play provided a great environment for competition. When playing the shooting game, whoever lost was usually set on having a rematch or making it into a tournament. In this fashion, it is easy for a few people to get lost in the game, playing tournaments of laster hockey or shooting range. I believe they achieved this by providing simple tasks for each player to accomplish. In this sense the competition is so simple and plain that it comes with a certain satisfaction that detailed realism fails to deliver.
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    [January 23, 2008 04:49:44 PM]
    The Wii console has a very innovative feature which is well used in Wii Play. The motion sensor in the Wii controller allows the player to perform motions in the game by performing them in real life with the controller in hand. This brings the player into the game alot more than a controller with abstract buttons. Wii has a great variety of games including but not limited to a shooting game, laser hockey, fishing, tanks, pool and ping pong. All of these games make use of the innovative feature which enhances gameplay.

    A good example of a Wii Play game is the shooting range. The shooting range offers a range of targets which you can shoot at by aiming the Wii controller at the screen. This incorporates a sense of aiming that is otherwise lost on other consoles. The game is competitive because the more targets you shoot, the more points you get. The characters in the game are called Miis and they are self portraits that you create with a program in the Wii system. You can change their facial characters and clothes to make them look like you, and then play all of the games with them. As you play and train your Mii gains points. This adds a fun sense of progression and satisfaction from time to time.

    I find the Wii Play to be a very social game. It is a lot of fun to play with a bunch of friends over taking turns playing games with up to four people. The games are simple and fun so that you do not have to be overly concentrated on small details. The tasks in the games are simple and the interaction between players is well facilitated by the Wii system and the Wii play game.

    Wii Play is a well designed game. There is a delicate balance that is achieved by most of the games between control and skill. You have to be good at the game and also be good at controlling the controller. However, when this balance is achieved there is a relationship between the player and the game that is not achieved by any other system.

    The level design is great in Wii Play. Most games have a progression of levels and the higher levels are harder then the lower ones. In the shooting range, you start off shooting balloons, in the middle you shoot at targets and birds and at the end you shoot at flying aliens. It gets more difficult as you progress. In this way, the players are challenged by both the game and the opponent. Other games have a different approach to level design. In laser hockey there is only one level and the two opponents play first to score 8 points wins. The same is true of tennis except for the games are to 11 in stead. Both styles of level development provide a great platform for competition.
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    jrunnoe's Wii Play (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 23 January, 2008

    jrunnoe's opinion and rating for this game

    Wii Play is an entertaining game with alot of variety. I enjoy playing with alot of people because the games are simple and fun for challenging friends.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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