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    galatasaraygirl's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    [January 25, 2008 10:58:21 PM]
    ENTRY #2


    My second time playing Super Mario Galaxy was more enticing than the first. I was able to collect Star Bits at a faster rate and do them automatically. Playing the game is a lot of fun: there are numerous obstacles that Mario has to overcome, such as beating bosses in order to receive a star. The bosses are beaten when Mario adapts a new characteristic to help him reach his goal (ie: he is given the ability to put on a bee suit and fly around).

    During my second 45-min period of playtime, I noticed that the game was getting more and more difficult by each level and would need me to think outside of the box in order to defeat the enemy. Mario’s new skills such as wall-jumping and power stomping increased my engagement in the game.


    I really enjoyed the fact that Super Mario Galaxy was the first single player game of the Mario series to be released on the Wii. It gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “interactive play.” Controlling Mario with the nunchuck attachment to the Wiimote was reminiscent of the old N64 console. The new aspect of the game was being able to wave the Wiimote around collect Star Bits by just touching them with the cursor shaped like a star. I also liked how Nintendo switched the controls: for example, the Z button is hit with the left hand instead of the right, etc. This didn’t really have a negative effect on the gameplay of this game, if anything, the newer controls made it more interesting to play.

    The design elements in the game were very impressive; the astronomical “universe” aspect of it took into account the “planets” and “meteoroids” in the game. The graphics in this game are almost near perfect for a Mario game. They consist of bright colors and the characters are very modernized. Color is also used as a depiction of space in the gameworld. The vast black sky gives the impression of more exploration being needed in order to find out what lies beyond the galaxy you are in. As for the space that Mario can physically move in, it is virtually unlimited (within the galaxy, of course). Mario is able to jump on whatever he wants, swing on branches and climb up trees and vines. Of course, he is limited by the aspects of gravity and timers (such as the one for the bee suit).

    One thing I would change though would be the rate that Mario moves. Sometimes on the meteoroids, I would not be able to move fast enough out of the way and I would end up getting hit and losing a life. It just seemed that at some points Mario moved a little bit slower than in other parts (both were non-water areas). I guess that’s just a factor that I’ll have to live with, but it still does not change the fact that I would continue to play the game. Overall, I really cannot say anything bad about the game Super Mario Galaxy as a whole. It seems as if Nintendo gave much attention to it to make sure that it would be a game that would have a high appeal to the general audience of gamers, and they were able to achieve that goal.

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    [January 24, 2008 02:15:23 PM]
    ENTRY #1


    Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii is a one player game where the main goal is to save Princess Peach from the wrath of Browser, who kidnaps her. The object of the game is to go through the many different levels, which are represented by numerous galaxies, and collect stars in order to unlock different galaxies and find Princess Peach. Mario games that Nintendo has released all have the same core goal, and this one is no different. It still holds Mario as the Hero, and gives the player the feeling of accomplishment while playing, which I think is the major attraction of this game, or at least to me it is.


    Super Mario Galaxy not only looks like a fun game to play, it is a fun game to play. As usual, the main character is Mario, and nothing really changes about him except the way that the player can control him. The innovative usage of the Wiimote for this game was very surprising. And the fact that instructions on how to use the Wiimote to control Mario were given throughout the game, and instead of having to read a booklet or memorize all the controls at the front screen, is a plus.

    My emotional state while playing the game was excited and amazed. As for the characters in the game, there was an abundance of Toad in the first level, which was sort of annoying, since they didn’t really have a function except to tell me random information that I have no use for (ie: their emotional state). Other than Toad, so far, the only other characters I have come in contact with are Luma (the chubby stars that you go to for help for the galaxy you are currently in) and Rosalina (who tries to keep order and peace in the universe). Interactions with these characters helped me gain a broader understanding of the plot of the game and what my goals were and how I would be able to achieve them (like collecting as many stars as I could and going to other galaxies).

    The one player component of this game limits interactions with other people experiencing the game, but while I was playing, my friends were in the room doing their own things and they would often turn around to respond to my reaction of frustration (from losing a life) or joy (from gaining a star or beating the boss of that level). I would definitely have to say that this game was fun to play. It was able to keep me engaged for well over an hour, and I can't wait to play again.
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    galatasaraygirl's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 24 January, 2008

    galatasaraygirl's opinion and rating for this game

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    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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