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    Davaadtron's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    [January 25, 2008 09:06:12 PM]

    After playing Chrono Trigger for another few hours the game is still as enjoyable as before. I unlocked the ability to use magic, and I my characters also learned a few more dual-techniques. I still like how the game isn't too dialogue-heavy, and that it still moves at a pretty quick pace. The story is pretty interesting, especially since they had to tell it with limited system resources.


    I think one of the most innovative elements of the game is the combat system. I like how enemies can still attack you while you're choosing your actions; it makes the combat feel a little more real-time even though it's turn based. I also like the fact that your characters can learn combat techniques that involve two or more characters to do more damage to enemies. The enemy and NPC animations are also done very well, whether it be in combat or when they are walking around the game areas.

    The level design in Chrono Trigger is very good. The areas that you go to throughout your adventure are varied; for example you can go to The End of Time, 65 Million B.C., 2300 A.D., and probably even more time periods that I haven't been to yet. Each of the different times have their own unique areas like broken down domed cities, prehistoric jungles, and medieval castles.

    The game is pretty challenging due to the many boss battles. It seems like the bosses are always just powerful enough to make the fights seem really tough, and you feel very accomplished after you beat them. The game is paced very well; you level up pretty smoothly throughout the game and the enemies never seem far too hard or too easy.

    The tone of the game is pretty lighthearted; the characters look like they were drawn by the guy who draws the Dragonball series, and also the new RPG Blue Dragon for the Xbox 360. There's no blood or anything, and the enemies just disappear when defeated, like in most RPGs.
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    [January 25, 2008 11:56:00 AM]

    Chrono Trigger is an RPG in which the protagonist, Chrono (named Dave in my game) goes on a journey through time to try and stop an evil guy named Magus from altering and destroying the future.


    My emotional state while playing Chrono Trigger was pretty positive; I found the game very fun to play. I especially liked the battle system and the fact that you travel to a lot of varied locales throughout the game. I like how the enemies are displayed in the area, and there are no random battles. I thought this was a design element that only emerged recently, but I guess they did it back on the SNES!

    I like how the characters are varied as well; how many games feature sword-wielding frogs and robots that can join your party? I particularly enjoy having Robo in my party; fighting dinosaurs in 36 million B.C. is pretty fun when you have a robot in your party.

    The story so far is pretty interesting; I've already traveled to a medieval time period and to 300 years in the future. The story has a really nice pace; there's dialogue, but not too much (like in many RPGs) and you never stay in an area for too long or too little. The game flows really smoothly as well.

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    Davaadtron's Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 18 January, 2008

    Davaadtron's opinion and rating for this game

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