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    tbaugh's Wii Play (Wii)

    [January 26, 2008 01:43:55 AM]

    This time around I played with my friend who had played the Wii and Wii Play before. I think I found this time that billiards is my favorite game on Wii Play. It adapts well to the Wii and recreated that same sense of standing around playing pool in your friend’s basement. Although my friend had played before, he didn’t know that you are able to change the angle of the ball with the d-pad. Despite this, he has able to beat me in at least one of the games we played. However, I don’t know if this is a comment against Wii Play’s billiard physics or my own inability at all billiards, virtual or real.

    My friend seemed to really like the game where the player plays as a cow racer. As I said in the previous entry, you have to hold the Wiimote differently than normal for this particular game. Although I knew how to hold the controller, unlike whom I played with last time, it was just hard to accurately turn and jumping is very awkward. I ended up winning the race (by knocking down the most scarecrows and having the largest score), and although my friend wanted to play again, I just found it frustratingly awkward and not fun.


    First off, when I think of Wii Play’s design, I think of what’s wrong. The game could benefit greatly from increased multiplayer play. As it is, only two players can play at once. The game, while boasting nine complete minigames, could also use much more minigames! Wii Sports got by on three games, but I think they were more involving and thus lead to a much different play experience. Wii Play is just almost just rehashing countless, nameless computer games. Also, the selection of the next minigame could use a random mode for when you don’t feel like picking the next mind-numbing game.

    I guess the game’s good design lies in the Wii’s unique controller. Although most of these games have been seen before, they’re at least somewhat interesting to play due to the unique challenges the Wiimote brings. The game is also one of the few to use the Wii’s collection of Miis, characters players can create to represent them in games or as gave save icons (e.g. Super Mario Galaxy). The Miis appear as either your selected character, in the background as spectators, or as part of a game as in the “find the Mii” minigame.

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    [January 24, 2008 10:33:29 PM]

    Wii Play is a collection of nine minigames ranging from shooting tanks to play billiards. Packaged with a Wii Remote for only about $10 more, the game is mostly designed as a party game aimed to show the novelty of the Wii’s unique controller set-up. The game supports two-player multiplayer mode and features a system of winning medals once all levels are unlocked.


    I was playing with a relative Wii newb. I figured that Wii Play would be easy enough for him to play, but when he didn’t even hold the Wiimote correctly, I got a little worried. We played through the games sequentially, unlocking the next one each time. All seemed to be going well until the horse racing minigame. My friend couldn’t seem to figure out the control set up properly from the little instructions shown before the game. To play this game, you need to hold each end of the Wii so it is parallel with the TV. He was still holding it like a remote the entire time.

    There was one game that I actually lost in. It was like a variant of pong, only you can move your paddle up the half-way line in the court and turn according to the twist of your wrist. This was the only game that I actually ended up losing in, but that’s only because I kept accidentally knocking the ball into my own goal. Even as I’m writing this and my friends play the same game on the TV, they’re making the same mistake. It’s quite frustrating, but adds more difficulty to this otherwise simple game.
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    tbaugh's Wii Play (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 23 January, 2008

    tbaugh's opinion and rating for this game

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