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    dj bleezy's Wii Play (Wii)

    [January 25, 2008 01:50:19 PM]
    Game play
    This time i played i chose to only play a few of the mini games. i chose to play laser hockey and the shooting game. In laser hockey you seem to get competitive right away because the rules are simple and everyone can play. This is a good take off of the simple game of pong or the basics of air hockey. The shooting game is fun because you actually use the wii remote like a remote. you point it at things and press a button to shoot. This is a new way to play games, but a slight take off of the classic nintendo duck hunting game.

    The design of laser hockey was good because even though they used the idea of old games they put their own new spin on it. The lights and the puck and the paddles were all original. It was very easy for yourself to make the puck in your own goal which is important because in real air hockey this affect can change the game. A two player game like this could be played over and over but has no change in story. You are always trying to make it into the other sides goal. As well you are always trying to stop people from making it into your goal. Perhaps a new twist could make this game better but it is fun anyways.
    The shooting game was by far my favorite game. Using the wii remote brought me back to the days of duck hunting. I think that i could play this game over and over again. It is a hard game to start, so it makes you want to keep playing and getting better. The directions weren't very clear when i first played but as soon as i knew the situation i played much better. I think that this game has potential to be a very good game but a few things could be changed. I think that this game could have been better if every time it wasn't just a free for all shoot off. I like the last part where you kill spaceships that are attacking your player and not the others. This was a good new twist but it is only the last part of the competition. I think they should put more element like this in their game and it could be better. Maybe like colored targets or something so you have to watch what you shoot. they attempted this by putting your wii face on targets but they don't explain what your intentions should be before the game starts. One second you are shooting for the other persons pieces and next your trying to save your own. Overall this game design was good but there is room for improvement.
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    [January 24, 2008 11:12:16 PM]
    Wii play was many different mini games to explore the uses of the Wii remote. You create your own character and can battle other people in these short games. Many of the games were spins of ones we already know and some original games.

    Game Play
    We started out with the cow race game. This was an interesting use of the remote. You would tilt the remote in the direction you would want to move. This game was interesting but not very fun. It got boring in the first couple of minutes and i wanted to change the game. The wasn't enough actions you could do other than steer. The next game we played was Billiards. This was an OK version of billiards but not as much freedom as better versions. You had to hit a certain ball at first so if you had a bad placement you wouldn't have a chance. This game was fun because each ball was worth different amounts of points but in the end it seemed like it didn't make a difference. The fishing game was boring. The only thing it showed was how you would have to respond after the remote vibrates. It can be interesting but the directions weren't clear enough.
    Find mii was the first turn around for the game. I liked this game because you all had an equal chance of seeing the matching mii's first. This was competative and kept me wanting to play more. I think it was because each round was a new chance, with no reference to the last round. If you do bad one round you can do good the next. Laser hockey was my favorite game, even though it is a take off of air hockey and pong. It was creative with the lights and kept me entertained. Table tennis was fun but you didn't hold the remote the same way you would a ping pong paddle so it was a bit awkward. I felt like the view of the screen and the way the paddles moved were confusing and hard to get used to. The last game was the shooting game. This reminded me of the old classic duck hunting. It was fun but confusing at the end when you were trying t save your players from the aliens. I hadn't realized that you were trying to save your players and was just trying to save all the players. By this time most of my players had died and i lost. Maybe more clear directions in the beginning could have stopped this dilema.
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    dj bleezy's Wii Play (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 24 January, 2008

    dj bleezy's opinion and rating for this game

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