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    jvjesse's Wii Play (Wii)

    [January 25, 2008 01:24:39 AM]

    During the second time of play I continued to enjoy the games. Yet there were some moments where some games brought frustration due to the way they were controlled. For example, the table tennis game provided a level of fun but it seemed that it was somewhat of a hassle to control the paddle. The paddle of which of course was resembled by the wii remote had its own little flaws. It was a bit hard to hold the paddle in order to hit the ball. Soon enough I continued to other games and left this one behind.
    Most of the games were satisfying and they sustained their own unique details that made them fun. After the first time of play I really enjoyed playing all the games. Now that I continue to play the games I cant seem to stop playing. They are not entirely addictive but its just that they provide a great deal of fun. Its not just like other games where they provide a complicated task and game play. This wii play is just simple fun. Its the fun that gets the kick out of you.


    The design of the Wii Play is very much similar to the 'Wii Sports' game. The same type of architecture is used. The basic gereal format of landscapes and people. Meaining that this game does not hold a high quality design as would the design of an X-Box game. The people as I said before represent somewhat of a stick figure person. Just the basic face, body, and arms. Nothing of such sort of detailed description just rather the basic form.
    I know that many other people would say that the design of this game is poor. But for me the design of this game is 'OK'. It represents itself in its unique way and contructs a level of fun. In a way I would of liked this game to have the big designs as other systems do. But this system provides a quality of fun that is enjoyable for everyone. Despite how the design is, it sustains a high level of satisfaction and fun.
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    [January 25, 2008 12:40:55 AM]

    -In the 'Wii Play' there are a series of nine games that you can fully engage in. These are games such as Pool, shooting range, table tennis, tanks, and many others. Each single game holds its own set of controls that allows you to play the game as it is. In pool for instance the stick becomes the wii remote. In shooting range your wii remote turns into the gun. These and many other factors make the game interesting and easy to dig into.

    -I was excited to know that the wii play holds multiple games and not just one sophisticated game. Having received a great deal of fun from the 'wii sports' I imagined that the wii play would hold a greater level of fun. Once I played all the games and had a taste of what they were the one game that struck out to me was 'Tanks'. Having to use stradegy this game was fun but although frustrating as well goign highher in the levels. This game focuses on trying to destroy your enemies before they destroy you. This maybe the very reason why it was so out going for me. This sort of competition lifts up the excitement in someone and it did to me.
    Having this type of excitement at hand I also enjoyed the game, 'Find Mii'. This game is meant to trick your mind and leave you confused. This game challenges the mind while at the same time produces a high level of fun. A group of people are set on the screen and you have to find the very two people that look the same. You have to do this in the amount of time that they give you. And its the fact that they give you a certain amount of time that gives that jump and kick. I was enitrely satisfied with this game and had a great time as well.
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    jvjesse's Wii Play (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 23 January, 2008

    jvjesse's opinion and rating for this game

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