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    Albert's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    [January 26, 2008 02:23:26 AM]
    Second gamelog:
    This time I played the map where Mario is a bee climbing the wall. I thought it was really funny how they applied the bee aspect with Mario's oddly shaped body form, Mario is a fat bee that can only fly for a few seconds. He pretty much has all of Marios neutral maneuvers except for the double jump, instead he flies. Not only can he fly(or float) but he can fly on homeycomb walls. It pretty much acts like another gravity against a wall. The obsticals are a little bit different because when an enemy comes by you it is more challenging by the fact that Mario does not have his cat like reflex jumps, where he is stuck with his slow hover.
    After toying around with the bee power I went to Luigi's Mansion and used the Boo power up. I truely am not fond of this power up because it is a more stealth power up rather than an agressive attacking or super flying ability power up. Some of the special abilities for this boo is a really lame one like the other boo's cannot see you as Mario unless you come in contact with them and then you lose a life and turn into Marios natural body. Another ability similar to the bee ability is that he can do many short hops giving him the ability to pretty much float. Over all I cannot complain about how challenging this level is. There is a lot of thinking involved that it makes me forget about how boring this power up is and how fun the level is.
    The crazy insane level design is what makes this game such a great game. Almost every world that I enter in is huge and with crisp graphics. I enjoyed all of the vibarant colors that Nintendo uses. The platforms in this game is phonominal, because Mario can climb up that it feels as if the player is going up a mountain with traps and obsticles.The enemies also match with the environment such that boo is in a haunting and scary world as to dry bones being in a desert. There are so many environments that I do not even know where to start. It like traveling the world or even better, the universe.
    I also believe that Nintendo did a very good job with the challenges of this game. The game starts of at an easy pace where Mario starts to collect the star bits, knock off a few enemies and thats about it. When the game is near ending Mario is running away from numerous enemies while dodging a million traps. Then there is a boss fight at the end which each boss has their own unique spells and weaknesses that makes all the boss fights so fun!
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    [January 26, 2008 01:21:37 AM]
    Game Log 1
    Super Mario Galaxy, the three diemtional platform game developed by Nintendo for the Wii is yet another great game created in the Mario series. Princess Peach has been captured by the evil Bowser and Mario travels from galaxy to galaxy to save her. The objective is pretty much like any other Mario game where your hero trys to progress with each level by collecting stars. The new gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy is that Mario gets to travel through strangely fun gravities, collect star bits, and turn into new power-ups.
    I started playing this game as an avid Galaxy player so I know the controls and how things work. What I enjoyed about this game is how another Wii controller can jump in and aid the first player in his quest, such as, collecting and shoot star bits, making Mario jump and attack, holds down enemies, mess around with the terran, and most especially annoy player one. This made the game more interesting than any other single player platformers because now my friends could have his own unique way of playing that player one cannot do. I also hate how if I am in a jumping map, when my friend clicks on Mario, he could screw up the timing and Mario falls into the neverending black hole.
    Other than two players mode I played one of my most favorite maps, the candy land map (the same map that one guy played in class). When playing this map, I noticed how cheerful the music made me. I was singing and dancing with the beat of the song. The music made the jumping map more like a super fun hopping map. This is one of the more challenging maps in the game because when a person goes progresses each obstacle gets even harder than the first. Especially the last part of the map, Mario has to jump on circular platforms with even the slightest control errors Mario would fall into the neverending blackhole. I played this map that it is an easy but fun task for me!
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    [January 26, 2008 12:51:07 AM]

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    Albert's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 25 January, 2008

    Albert's opinion and rating for this game

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