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    PlanetSmasherN9's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    [January 25, 2008 05:24:54 PM]

    After playing for another hour, it really hit me how innovative this game really is. I'm really surprised that it has held up this long without feeling gimmicky. There have been countless times while playing where I spend a lot of time just messing around with the gravity pulls of different planets.

    The storybook elements are pretty interesting. After beating certain levels, you unlocks pages in a storybook that tells the story of Lumas and the mysterious Rosalina. While the story isn't amazing, it does add a much needed layer of depth to Mario. I still think the next Mario game is going to need a completely different story however. This just seems like putting a band-aid on a much larger problem.

    One of the problems I had with Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine is that it really didn't feel like a Mario game like Super Mario World. It felt like a platforming game with Mario thrown on. Somehow, they were able to fix this with Mario Galaxy. Every once in a while, the camera shifts to 2D and it turns into a complete throwback to older Mario games, while keeping the innovative feel of Mario Galaxy.


    One design element that has been a staple in 3d mario games is that you must collect 120 stars to beat the game and save the princess. Now that this is the third mario game with this goal, it is starting to get a little overused. I think this game could have benefited by having a different ultimate goal, something new and original.

    Also, when you go to play certain galaxies sometimes, it forces you to do a certain challenge, like a speed run of a Star. There were a few times I tried to go into a galaxy to show a friend a cool level, but I couldn't access it. Not the biggest problem, but small little problems like these are easy to fix and can greatly enhance the appeal of a game.

    The designers of this game really did the unthinkable. When they asked Miyamoto what to put in the next Mario game, all he said to them is he wanted there to be spherical worlds. They took this vague and simplistic idea, and successfully crafted an entire game around it. When Mario Galaxy was announced, I really wasn't looking forward too it. I thought it looked really gimmicky, and that the whole space concept was going to be tacked on.

    What really made this idea work is the incredible level design. Although very linear, the pacing is perfect. They do a good job in tricking you into thinking that you are in a much larger world, but there is usually only one way to truly go.

    I was also incredibly impressed with the graphical effects they were able to pull on on wii. There are some amazing particle effects, textures, and more that I thought were not possible on the Wii. At points, it looks like an Xbox360 launch game, which is quite impressive.

    Overall, I think it's my favorite Mario game, and probably my favorite Wii game at the moment. I never thought Nintendo could truly deliver a spiritual sequel to Mario 64, but I think they have succeeded here.
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    [January 25, 2008 03:38:12 PM]

    In the long awaited return of Mario to the 3D realm, Peach, yet again, has been kidnapped by Bowser and Mario goes on a quest to save her. The twist this time is that he must travel through space to find her. You go through many intuitive levels and complete goals to collect stars.


    Anyone who has played a 3D Mario game before will be familiar with how Mario Galaxy plays, with a few exceptions. Your standard Mario moves such as the triple-jump and the long jump are back, with a few twists however. Right when I got to the first galaxy, I started to realize how different this actually was from, say, Mario 64. As you blast around through space, you land on spherical worlds, each with their own gravity. This might seem like a simple gimmick at first, but it really innovates the Mario experience and brings it to a whole new level.

    The story is extremely familiar. If you have played any mario game, there will be no surprises here. It seems that Miyamoto and Nintendo are a little scared to change the story of Mario drastically, which I think is really hindering this game from what it really could be. I think I would be drawn to the game a whole lot more if it had a new story, not the same rehashed Mario saves the princess story with a new coat of paint just thrown on.

    The game is extremely interesting to play. The levels are really varied, which I was surprised about. I thought the small spherical worlds would get old after time, but they held up extremely well and every galaxy introduced a new idea that kept the game fresh.

    For the first time in a Mario game, a full orchestra is playing the score. The soundtrack is amazing, and the death of the low-budget midi songs really enhance the experience. The soundtrack makes you happy, and has a really epic feel that perfectly fits the game, especially when Mario is flying through space.

    From the first time I put the game in, one overwhelming emotion hit me; happiness. This is an emotion missing from most games today. Games are so focused on scaring people and being overly violent that happiness often gets left out. I dare you to try and play this game and not smile the whole time while playing it; I'd say its near impossible.
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    PlanetSmasherN9's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 25 January, 2008

    PlanetSmasherN9's opinion and rating for this game

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