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    wolfmanbsam's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    [January 25, 2008 10:55:48 PM]
    A little more time and effort into Mario Galaxy opens up a story book which gives you a little more plot besides the reoccurring kidnapping scenario that everyone has come to know and love. These little tidbits are apparently one of the supporting character's back story and seems to have been written for 6 year olds. In a game where nearly everything is perfect, this weird backstory sticks out like a robot at the renaissance fair. The only thing I could make out from this backstory is that the shiny items I had been stockpiling and feeding to by the bucketload to gluttonous star things were apparently the tears of orphans. Even then I'm not sure though. Fortunately reading the storybook is completely optional and I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a pressing desire to know why some girl is living with a bunch of tiny cuddly star people.
    I actually beat the game and the ending is as bizarre as the storybook if not more. Usually in these games, the ending is something like "hurray! You saved the Princess!" but this time around is a bit different. I'm not going to spoil anything, I haven't actually figured out what exactly happened myself, but the ending this time around tries to be really deep. They say something about how everything is all a big cycle or something and it's all really confusing.

    While the plot is needlessly complicated, there is so little of it, it hardly detracts from the amazingness of the game itself. The level design is some of the most innovative I have ever seen. Each level is usually a series of planetoids, each with it's own variety of gravity. The player has to hop from one planetoid to the other to get to where they are supposed to be going. Not only is this an extremely original idea, it is also very intuitive and fun for the player.
    While the general concept of planet hopping is very original, the planets themselves are almost more so. There is an incredible variety of individual planetoids. Every one is masterfully designed despite being implemented on very nonstandard shapes like spheres and other 3D shapes. There are so many excellent designs for just small planets in small parts of the game, it's a wonder the development team weren't exhausted of creative energy a fifth of the way through the game.
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    [January 25, 2008 05:13:35 PM]
    Super Mario Galaxy is Nintendo's latest incarnation of their famous platformer. Along with the usual running and jumping all over things, they've added a spinning move as well and an extremely interesting gravity set up. As usual, the goal of the game is to rescue Princess Peach by collecting a bunch of stars and defeating Bowser the turtle/dog thing.

    This game is fun. You can easily tell that the developers did not want to tell a story or make any sort of point with this game. They just wanted to go out and make the most fun game that was ever made. They more or less succeeded. I had more fun playing Mario Galaxy than I've had in a long time from a video game.
    Even the characters in the game seem to having fun. Each one is incredibly enthusiastic, almost to the point of ridiculousness. Not only that, they are all huggable and lovable. Not only THAT, but a large percentage of them are adorable penguins. Need I say more? Even the practically mute Mario radiates fun out of himself. Every jump and spin is accompanied by a "Woohoo!" or a "Weeee!". Along with the characters, the music is also fun. It sounds like the music that they play as you walk around Disneyland. The track for one level was so happy that it nearly drove my roommate to the point of madness. That made the game even more fun for me.
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    wolfmanbsam's Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 25 January, 2008

    wolfmanbsam's opinion and rating for this game

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