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    Chuy Zapatista's Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest (GC)

    [January 25, 2008 11:47:31 PM]

    Well I spent a good twenty minutes trying to remember what I was supposed to do. This was mostly because the game has no menu that tells reminds the player of his/her objectives. Another thing that was a hassle to deal with was the save system in the game. Saving the game means you pick up at the beginning of the map you are currently in but whatever puzzles you have already done you do not have to deal with. The problem with that is remembering what you did before. After I pick up where I left off though the game was pretty fun. After a second round of gameplay the controls start to get easier to handle and you really learn to appreciate the item layout that is set up.

    The one thing I noticed about this gaming session from the first was that right off the bat I was already enjoying it. I think the big difference that I noticed was that I didn’t have to put up with a tutorial like first ten minutes. I just went straight into the adventure. The big thing that I liked was that I finally fought a boss. It seems that the boss fight was meant to give the player a feel for what the future boss fights will be like as well as a feel for how the game is set up.

    The Story arc is well done and well told. Each character starts to feel more and more real as the story progresses. While it is story that is not very different from other Zelda games, it still has helps the player get into the game. The player gets into the grove of the game and helps give the player a sense of magnitude for how long the game will be.


    I am conflicted about the way the action buttons are displayed on the upper right corner of the screen. While I see that they are useful in that the player always knows what each button is assigned to at a given time, I dislike the fact that it is always there and that it is opaque so that it clutters the screen, therefore limiting my view. Overall I think it is a good feature, but I wish that the designers either made it more transparent or allowed the player to toggle on/off the button icons.

    Another thing that I am mixed about is the map system. While I do like the fact that there is a map in the game, I think that the mapping system could be fleshed out. There is no sense of texture in the game so it makes everything on the map look the same making it hard to tell where the player is. The map in the inventory menu is also very hard to read. It doesn’t tell the player where they are on the map but it does show the area in more detail. In my experience, I have noticed that the map system has improved with each game, but that isn’t saying much for this game. It is very easy to get lost in a new map or not be able to tell where to go.

    One thing that I originally thought was a drag but have grown to like was the fact that Link cant jump; or at least the player can not press a button to make him jump. By not making Link able to jump on command, the designers make the maps harder more difficult to solve and making the game more fun.

    I really enjoy playing Ocarina of Time and look forward to beating it.
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    [January 25, 2008 09:35:33 PM]

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is an adventure game that takes place in the fictional land of Hyrule. The player takes control of Link, the main character, as he sets out to rescue princess Zelda from the evil clutches of Ganondorf.


    Ocarina of Time is revered as one of the greatest games of all time; however, I feel that the gameplay is way too convoluted. The game starts out with Link getting out of bed and being told to go to see the Great Deku Tree, but no one tells you where to find the Great Deku Tree. Even with your map, there is no indicator telling you where to go or where to find the tree. It took me twenty minutes to find it and after I did, for some strange reason, I still had to find a shield and sword in order to go past the guard standing by the entrance to the Great Deku Tree. In retrospect, even though the tasks I had to complete in order to obtain the sword and shield were mundane, they were significant in game design perspective because they allowed the player to become familiar with the gameplay mechanics; I still think that the designers could have come up with a better way to do that.

    The story seems to be the same as every other Legend of Zelda game. You are Link; you must same princess from evil bad guy; in order to save princess, you must go to dungeons A-Z.; Defeat the bad guy, the end. There is little variation in this game from the others. Despite the repetition in the story, the gameplay is very fun. The third person perspective and the gameplay is a big difference from the original 2D Zelda games. The puzzles solving aspect makes the game very interesting and keeps the player on their toes. While the story hasn’t changed much from game to game, the gameplay is still entertaining.

    The flow of the game was only interrupted by the sometimes lengthy script that had to be read throughout the game. Even though the game itself was fun, I felt that the lengthy script was very annoying to have to sit through. Although most of what I had to read was important, I thought it was so much that it got annoying to read after a while. One question I had to ask in particular is why does the Great Deku tree speak in Elizabethan English? NO ONE ELSE IN THE GAME SPEAKS THAT WAY! Maybe they wanted to make him special.

    Overall I really am enjoying this game. I know that I am giving this game a harsh critique, but I can see how this game would be considered a classic that is worth putting time into.
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    Chuy Zapatista's Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest (GC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 24 January, 2008

    Chuy Zapatista's opinion and rating for this game

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